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December 18, 2003

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Expert Interview!

Creating Incredible Software Products
- with Jeff Alderson

Hi all

What's the leading software tool aimed at improving online marketing in 2003?

In SERIOUS consideration is Jeff Alderson's incredible Adword Analyzer product

I was among many who were skeptical back when I first came across Jeff's site in the summer.

Enough with the tools to help me find TONS of keywords...

What I REALLY wanted was something to help quickly find out the BEST, most productive, most responsive keywords for my campaign.

Jeff's product does just that - just like magic, it gives you both the demand view of keywords as well as the supply side to know the exact keywords and markets that have the BIGGEST OPPPORTUNITY.

In fact, that's what I now use Adword Analyzer for - it's an opportunity finder.

Today's interview - I was able to track Jeff down and persuaded him to share his incredible story with you. He went from losing money online with so-so products to making incredible money with industry leading software with a product he took from idea to market in 6-weeks!

Jeff shares his tips, techniques and strategies on creating hot selling software products - without even being the actual developer.

Use Jeff's ideas, and you may very well have the leading product for 2004!

Love to hear your comments on our newsletter and interviews.

Thanks for reading.


Today's Expert Interview


"Creating RED HOT Software Products Fast!"

with Jeff Alderson from the Adword Analyzer website.

Did you know...

There have been well over 30 interviews included in our newsletters over the last 2-years!

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Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

Jeff - I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule, especially at this time of year, to share your wisdom with our readers. Can you start by giving us a little of your background and how you came to market your own highly successful software product Adword Analyzer?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

I began my Internet marketing career in 1997. My first website was a simple membership website for Disc Jockey's consisting of tips and articles for aspiring DJ's. I didn't make a lot of money and only charged $5.00 a month.

Although I earned my living as a professional DJ, almost all of my spare time was spent learning web design and search engine positioning. I was always interested in generating traffic and achieving top search engine rankings.

As time went on and the Internet evolved, I became more intrigued with Internet marketing.

The first product I created was an ebook titled "Secrets Of A Successful Pro DJ". This was available as a downloadable PDF file and was basically a compilation of my earlier DJ tips and articles.

Sales were decent, but hoping for more I continued to invest 10 - 14 hours a day researching ways to create and sell products online.

One day Armand Morin changed my life when he explained how easy it was to develop software. I had tons of ideas, but never dreamed that I could turn my thoughts into actual software.

Six weeks later I released Ad Word Analyzer!

Jeff [Question]

I have to say, "Adword Analyzer" has not only made me money by optimizing my Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but has helped me to find new niche markets, create new product ideas and even made me look like a star in some of my online marketing consulting to individuals and companies. Curious to know, what motivated you to create the software - what problem were you trying to solve?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

I've been advertising online for years. My first pay-per-click account was with In 2003 I decided to try my luck with AdWords. I didn't do so well at first, so I purchased several ebooks on AdWords.

One in particular really struck a chord... Google Cash!

After reading that ebook I realized that in order to gain an unfair advantage over other advertisers and in doing so make more money, I must know the exact number of campaigns for each keyword on both Google and Overture.

Later I added more features including R/S Ratio for SEO. Based on my research the R/S Ratio works as well as Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

Jeff [Question]

What tips can you give our readers to help them get better results from their pay-per-click advertising And, how can Adword Analyzer help us to realize those better results?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

I suggest you bid on low cost relevant words. Using Ad Word Analyzer you can easily find less competitive words that are relevant to your product or service. These are a great source of qualified traffic.

Don't write generic descriptions simply because you're using a ton of keywords. ALWAYS use your keyword in either the title or description and on Overture use it for both. This can can increase your click through rates 40% or more!

Something else that's extremely important is to test and tweak your ad copy until you're happy with the amount of profit your making. Often changing only one or two words can cause your CTR to go from .05% to 5%!

Jeff [Question]

You must have a story or two of people that dramatically improved their results using your software - care to share 1 of them?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

Sure. I'm happy to report that I do have quite a few good stories. Why don't I share the most recent?

A customer who lives in London emailed me to say that he found a profitable campaign within two days of purchasing Ad Word Analyzer.

He said that for every 10 clicks it costs him 40p. His gross income is 11.50 and his net profit is 11.10! He's only getting 10 clicks a day for that campaign but the ROI is a whopping 2750%!

He also said that he has 12 new campaigns running which are making 25% - 100% a day profit on average. Needless to say, he was very pleased and so was I.

Jeff [Question]

Now That's What People Need!

Shifting gears a little, let's hear a little about creating software and selling it online.

Do you actually code your software, or are you the "idea guy" and get others to do the actual software development? What is your advice for others that may have an idea for a software product, but don't know how to get it to market?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

I do have coding experience. However, there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all myself - so I hire freelancers to actually write the code. Having the idea is far more valuable then hacking away at code all day.

Ben Prater has some great ebooks relating to software development. If you'd like to develop your own software I suggest you visit

One tip I'd like to share is when requesting a bid for a freelancer NEVER hire the first coder who bids on your project. This is something Armand taught me and it's very important. You won't know who's right for your project until you have enough bids AND coders to choose from.

Jeff [Question]

Jeff - once again, let me thank you very much for taking the time to share your tips, techniques and tactics with us. You have built an incredible product,satisfying a hungry market demand and so you are a terrific model for others looking to build their own product-based businesses online. Let me ask you one final question. If you had the chance to give aspiring online marketers 3 keys to success - what would they be?

Jeff Alderson [Answer]

1. You MUST set goals! Without a goal to guide you, there is always someone ready to map one out for you - to his or her advantage, not yours!

2. Don't be afraid to create YOUR own product. If you don't try something new, you'll never know what you can achieve!

3. Your past actions brought you to where you find yourself today. If you're unhappy with your current results, then do something different today!

I highly recommend reading "The Millionaire Mindset" by Boris Vene and Nikola Grubisa. I would have to say this is the BEST ebook I read in 2003.

Thanks for having me Jeff. Happy holidays!

Jeff [Final Remarks]

Folks, Jeff's Andword Analyzer Software is one of the very few programs I use almost daily. I use it to run profitable Adwords and Overture campaigns, search out profitable niche markets, understand online buying patterns, and as a tool to help my consulting practice (It blows my customers away!!)

I rarely feel this strongly about ANY product, but Jeff's Adword Analyzer definitely falls into the MUST HAVE category for anyone seriously marketing online:

Adword Analyzer


Hopefully you were inspired by Jeff's amazing success story.

Get hold of his product, to help with your online marketing and product development business and....

Use his ideas to help you launch your own successful products next year.

Have a super weekend!

You can always reach me here...

Jeff Smith


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