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Dear Friend:

You really can double, even triple the number of customers who buy from your website...without increasing your traffic!

Imagine having the ability...

...To get inside the heads of your prospects and customers -- to know exactly what they want, satisfy their needs and all the while generating amazing profits both ethically and morally leaving them happier than they've ever been before?

...Having the ability to compell, captivate, mesmerize, cajole, persuade and influence your visitors, prospects, and customers to take any action you want them to...without manipulation, lies or games...

Imagine becoming a marketing mind reader with powerful "inside" knowledge on...

  • How to use targeted and little known power persuasion techniques to write effective web site copy and attract so much free publicity and leveraged selling power, you'll never need to pay for advertising again!

  • How to write magnetic, spellbinding websites that take your visitors through an ever more enjoyable journey building to an emotional high that makes ordering your product automatic - no matter what the price

  • How using one "hidden" blockbuster technique in all your communication will create more sales for your product than you ever dreamed possible (hint: less than 1 in 100 marketing campaigns use this highly effective, simple and completely natural technique

  • Discover the single most persuasive strategy used by the most successful marketers in the last 100 years -- it's so painless and simple to use that it will make the difference between making a few sales online or generating a massive fortune giving you more freedom and enjoyment in your life than you ever dreamed.

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As a Marketing Mind Reader, You'll Have
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You may have created and written your own web site, have tried email marketing and wondered about how to get free publicity like the professionals.

It's frustrating to constantly see a flood of visitors read your web site copy, but they don't buy!

You can pull your hair out trying to get subscribers to respond to your email marketing.

And you can't seem to get a handle on free publicity - don't you have to have media connections to get that?

Just like you I struggled with these 3 questions until...

The Master of Hypnotic Marketing -- Joe Vitale --
Exposed All In This Amazing Interview!

No matter what product or service you market, you'll have the ability to instantly double or triple your customers just as easily as waving a wand

Here's your opportunity to step inside the amazing world of an online marketinig heavy hitter, steal his closely held secrets and understand exactly what makes up the millionaire mindset... .

Joe Vitale shares some real insights in Hypnotic Marketing Revealed. He showed me things I can - and will - use on my website, in my emails, and even in my off-line promotion efforts. I also found the interview very inspirational... it challenged me to take greater actions. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to understand how to motivate customers to react to your promotional materials.

Willie Crawford

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There are very few people on this earth that hold the key to online riches.

These are the people that have what you want!

They work when they want. Travel when and where they wish.

Wouldn't you want to be known as the expert in your field, having people run to hand you money just because they know YOU have the answer?

Imagine having the ability to never miss tucking your kids in at night, snuggling with them through the day, eating three meals with your family and always being there when it matters the most!

What about enjoying life more? When's the last time you jumped out of bed to get to your job? How often do you laugh out loud each day - as often as you would like?

Life is too short, time is ticking - you need a way to get where you want to be FAST! Not in 10 years, not in 5-years, not even in 2-years, but fast!

If you're like me, you've already wasted a lifetime sifting through websites and products that are useless.

NOW, You want to know exactly how super successful online entrepreneur's have gone from completely unknown and zero sales, to famous celebrity, immense prestige and more money than they know what to do with.

Most important, you want to know how these experts convince everyone they deal with that they have the answer everyone wants to hear. That you just must have their product or else...no matter what the cost!

...And, You Need To Steal Every Valuable,
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Wouldn't you jump at the chance to sit down with this expert and hear the specific methods he used...

To put a spell on people, that turns them on to your product or service, guides them directly to your order page and like a robot, programs them to send you money 24-hours a day, 7-days a week!

You may have all of the enthusiasm, focus, desire and the best product in the world, BUT...

You still won't reach 10% of your true potential without understanding how the super successful online entrepreneurs constantly persuade and influence everyone they meet to collectively work toward achieving incredible wealth.

For you to truly achieve astounding, heart-stopping, laugh-out-loud, not a care in the world success online...

You need to know expert secrets on how to easily win over partners who can instantly expose you to 100,000's of targeted prospects. How to write mesmerizing web and email copy that will hypnotize your visitors into buying your products again and again.

Here's Your Rare Chance To Welcome An Online Marketing Expert into Your Home and Discover Exactly What He Uses To Get Massive Results On the Internet

Wouldn't it be a life-changing experience for you to sit down with an online marketing Top Gun and pound them with hard-hitting questions until they tell you exactly how to make BIG money on the internet?

What if you could book 1-hour with a spellbinding, famous and incredibly successful online information product entrepreneur who knows the exact techniques for hpnotizing customers into automatically ordering your products?

How much would it be worth to you if you could get your hands on the real, honest-to goodness secrets of putting online propsects into a trance and leading them to your products?

What are the exact steps and methods experts use BEFORE they bacame rich and famous?

I hear what you're saying. This type of information is really tough to get your hands on. Most so-called online entrepreneurs haven't proven they can even make a living online, let alone a massive fortune.

Those who have figured out the techniques to online wealth don't like to give up their hottest secrets -- after all -- these secrets are what earn them five and 6-figure monthly incomes online. It's certainly not easy to convince them to share these ideas without paying them 1000s of dollars an hour...

Until Now!

You now have access to one of the most unique, powerful and shockingly practical interviews ever released by someone who has figured out the amazing secrets to influencing, compelling and captivating their market into buying your products.

"Hi Jeff,

This hypnotic marketing course is about 8 rules, 7 laws, 3 steps and 5 ways to get hypnotic with marketing. Here, Joe unleashes “setting intentions” showing you how to guide your inner forces to reach your goals.

I really like the publicity info on how to reformat a news release to be sure it gets read and the best day to send it (smart stuff I would never have thought of) … and how to create perception (not hype), with the “Power of Illusion”. Then there are some killer email strategies that alone are worth more than the cost of the course. And, this is just fraction of what’s contained in audio and ebook format. There is even a little Dale Carnegie in a box here to set the mood. For a guy who can demand up to $50,000 to implement a hypnotic marketing strategy for hire, I consider this course to be an unprecedented discount. I believe, anyone who puts this knowledge to good use will share in the success of hypnotic marketing.

Michael Nicholas


Step Inside the Mind of Master Marketing Mind Reader Joe Vitale, Steal Hist Secrets and Build Your Own Online Empire!

How powerful is Hypnotic Marketing?

Joe Vitale is one of those extremely rare, self-made success stories that has agreed to share secrets that are so powerful, so revolutionary and so capable of changing your life -- secrets that you don't find unless you are among the elite "experts inner circle" members.

Here's just a sampling of what Joe has achieved in less than 3-years online...

  • Captured a massive customer base by reading the mind of his customers, then quickly delivering over 17 products that his market is happy to pay almost any price for generating over $1 Million in online sales so far

  • Joe's marketing mind reading techniques are so powerful that he routinely offers an email only eCourse that people push and shove to take at the incredibly profitable price of $10,000! That's right -- $10,000 for an autoresponse generated series of emails!!

  • Total mastery of media and all other forms of free publicity. Joe's name and branding is everywhere! He knows exactly what it takes to hpnotize the media into freely generating mass swarms of hot buyers directly to your business.

  • Perfected the millionaire marketing mindset! Joe will be the first to tell you that massive achievement comes from within. His endless lifelong pursuit of the inner secrets of success has paid off - he can give you the power to unleash massive personal influence and persuasion on anyone!

Let me assure you, Joe Vitale is the real deal

Joe's achievement so far have been truly amazing! He tells it like it is, tells you what works and what doesn't work in a crystal clear, step-by-step manner that makes following in his footsteps dead simple.

No Bull, No Fluff and No Beating Around the Bush.

If you were to follow one mentor, one expert, one online success story -- Joe is the guy you want to talk to.

Imagine sitting down by a beachside resort, you are being waited on hand and foot as you hear some of the most exciting, revolutionary and valuable information you've ever got your hands on.

Suddenly, it all clicks for you. You get it!

You now have a detailed plan, including specific tips, techniques and methods that you are absolutely, positively sure will give you the ability to make more money than you ever imagined possible whenever you want to!

You walk away with far more than a few suggestions, or some ideas that may work. You walk away with your very own lifestyle changing money making system you can apply again and again until you are buried deep in profits.

Here are Some of the Secrets You'll Walk Away With

You'll find tons of information available on successful internet marketing, what you get here is a proven online marketing system that works! This high-powered information will allow you to...

Just by listening to the program, save yourself $25,000 (it's true!).
Access the eight proven rules of publicity that will get you and your business media coverage.
Get three guaranteed ways of always hypnotizing the media.
Learn theSeven Laws of Baseball's Greatest Publicist - all of which you can adapt to your own marketing plan.
Find 5 ways to create an email so hypnotic your recipients will have to open it!
Discover the little-known secret that will double the response rate to your email offer.
Access a simple 3-step formula you can use right now to write a profit producing sales letters, ads, emails, news releases, or an entire book!

And that's only to start. When you really dig deep you'll get...

How to beat out thousands of competitors to get the media's attention every time
Discover real life examples of how to master the art of free publicity -- use these in your business within minutes of hearing these amazing case studies.
How exactly to structure your website to automatically trigger orders from your visitors.
Little known, incredibly powerful copywriting secrets you would normally pay thousands of dollars to get.
How to avoid the pain caused by the most common mistake all internet marketers make, it's simple yet 95% of websites continue to lose money hand over fist.

There's so much more you will take away from this session, there just isn't the room to cover it all here.

In just a minute, you'll learn how you can get access to this information for a small fraction of what most everyone else pays for it.

You get the full system, an expert's detailed method for achieving online wealth all structured so that you can walk away and apply this system immediately.

Your challenge is to find an affordable way to spend one-on-one time with the master himself when he regularly charges more than $25,000 for an "insiders" look at his Hypnotic Marketing secrets?

Finally, here's the answer you've been looking for...

How Do You Get $25,000 Worth Of Information For $37?

Whatever you do, don't pass this statement off as hype. It's absolutely, 100%, undeniably and scout's honour true.

Joe Vitale offers access to his incredible Hypnotic Marketing System secrets for a staggering $25,000 -- and folks, he has had so much demand that he recently increased that price to an astonishing $50,000!!

You're probably asking yourself, what the heck do people pay that kind of dough to find out? Is this information pure gold?

The real answer is - it's even more valuable than pure gold!

Your going to get a cookie cutter method for duplicating the online success of a very few masters who are able to automatically run successful campaign after successful campaign whenever their little hearts desire.

These techniques allow you to work smarter not harder...letting you enjoy all those things in your life you have neglected for far too long.

Joe's system could just as well be called "Your Personal Ticket To Freedom System"

In just less than 60-minutes, you will have your own personal roadmap to online riches that many others fight to pay Joe $25,000 or more from his own website.

Here's the deal of a lifetime...

If you act right now!

Here's How To Get Two Great Products For the Price Of One...

Joe knows how much of a difference his Hypnotic Marketing system can make in your life - that's why he has a clear conscience charging $25,000 for this information!

It's up to you to apply these techniques, and if you do, $25,000 won't seem so shocking to you anymore.

I'll be totally honest with you - because I know you wouldn't want it any other way.

Because Joe was interviewed, he chose to give up rights for this interview to us - allowing us to offer this to you at an incredible value.

Every once in a while, a miracle really can happen...and that's what accessing this information is - a miracle that could change your life forever!

So if you are wondering, is this the same information others have paid $25,000 to get? You'll not only get the answer in Joe's interview, but you'll learn a little known technique that can get you 200%-1000% more money for your knowledge than you have ever dreamed possible.

Not only will you get $25,000 worth of information for the incredible, limited time price of $37, but you get the benefit of an extra bonus...if you order today. Hypnotic Marketing comes in both an instantly downloadable, high-quality mp3 audio format as well as a written transcript, for those who want to jump right to the best parts, delivered to you in Adobe .pdf format.

I'm not sure about you, but I hate audio interviews - especially the really detailed interviews - that don't come with written transcripts. Fear not, you'll get both.

A crystal-clear, high quality,MP3 file of Hypnotic Marketing Revealed audio program. It's yours to download to your hard drive, or you can transfer it to a portable MP3 player.
A transcript of the audio program in PDF format. You can print off this transcript and use it as a reference for the many times you'll be coming back to Joe's tips and strategies.

But WAIT! That's Not All You Get...
Here's $100 Worth of Extra Bonuses For Ordering
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Not only will you be getting an exclusive hour of Joe Vitale's time for just $37 but if you order right now, you'll get these very rare bonuses, just for being in the right place at the right time...


RARE EXCLUSIVE: Amazing Infoproduct Profit Generator Audio
(Value: $39)

Every wonder how master information product developers seem to be able to release one hot selling infoproduct after another - never seeming to miss the mark? You may be shocked to find out there is a method to their madness!

Finally, you get to step inside a typical week with master infoproduct creators - following their amazingly simple formula for creating one hot selling infoproduct after another. You'll find the 6 simple, yet incredibly powerful, steps behind making a fortune with your own information products.

This isn't just the method I've used to create big money with infoproducts, it's the EXACT method used by master product devolopers such as Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, Terry Dean, Ken Silver, among others, to develop millions of dollars of profits from packaging information.

Best of all...you can listen at your own leisure, rewind when you want, take notes, and listen again if to pick up all the nuggets you missed.


99 Websites You Probably Should Have Book Marked,
But Probably Don't:

(Value: $15)

Incredible resource list of extremely rare sites where you can get tons of free software, free marketing resources to use for your business instantly, the top sites for networking and marketing your online business, joint venture secrets and much, much more....

Note: I've also been able to secure master resell rights to this product for you to use as you wish.


RED HOT Special Report: The Great Ezine Experiment
(Value: $19)

You've probably heard the phrase "The Money is in Your List". That's all well and good unless you don't have a list, where do you start? This incredible Special Report walks you through the steps to follow for building your own high-response, money-making ezine list in a very short time. It's a simple read, with some great hands-on, practical information using real techniques for creating your very own online fortune.


Infoproduct Marketing Secrets Revealed!
(Value: $29.99)

Finally -- Five master marketers reveal exactly how to make at least $10,000 In profits every single month selling information online. Discover in-depth profiles, success tips and techniques taken from over 6-hours of grilling these experts. You'll want to print this one off and keep it beside your computer - it's an incredible reference and inspirational guide.

Remember, you get ALL OF THIS FOR ONLY $47 $37

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This is your chance to steal the exact, complete formula you've been looking for to turn your own online business into a profit generating goldmine.

I've been sitting exactly where you are today. It's a pain in the butt to decide what formula, which techniques and strategies to use in starting or improving your online business...

That's why you just HAVE to know that Joe's formula really works, is truly simple to follow and will finally give you the profits you're looking for from your online business - GUARANTEED

Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

You've seen allot of claims, pitches and exadurated statements online - we know, we've seen them too!

How can you possibly know if every one of these offers is what they say they are? Even more important, how do you know that this formula will work for you?

The only true answer anyone should give you to these questions, is you don't know until you have product in hand. Until you have the chance to listen and read the incredible information you'll get in this package - you won't really know how much extra money you can earn for the rest of your life.

So - to make this a brain-dead, simple as mud, no risk decision for you - here's how you can see for yourself.

Our guarantee is simple and risk-free: Try the Hypnotic Marketing Revealed program out for yourself. If you don't agree that hypnotic marketing can substantially boost your business, help you charm the media, lure your prospects to that Buy button, and convert your buyers into repeat customers, then we'll return your payment, in full, within 60-days - no questions asked.

I've been doing business online for a while now, and intend to continue to help people for years to come. You'll find my complete contact details at the bottom of this page, I don't hide anything. You'll find many people online that I've personally helped launch their own high profit online businesses out of their home.

You must get far more value out of this product than the $37 selling price, if you don't, then I want you to return it for a full refund - it's as simple as that.

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