September 10,2002

Yes, You Can Still Earn Large Profits from Information Products

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Creating Breakthrough Infoproducts About Current Events"

3. Perspectives - Fascination

4. Choosing Profitable Infoproduct Topics -
    "Marc Goldman: The Secret Is Found in Your Passions

5. **NEW ADDITION** Ask Jeff - This Week's Question
      is from Tina Jesson At

6. Recommended Sites:

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7. Wrap Up

Update from Jeff...

Update from Jeff... Hello again everyone, welcome back. Thank you for all the terrific feedback and comments you had following the last issue.

No doubt about it, this will be a tough week to get through. The first anniversary of last year's tragic events.

Everyone will choose to deal with it in their own way. The media will be providing coverage on a scale never before known.

Grieve for the victims and their families. Have sympathy for lives and innocence lost. Let the events into your heart, but I hope everyone takes a few minutes this week to be thankful for what we do have.

Reflect on your families, your friends, your health, the roof under your head, the fact that September 11th is not a daily occurrence (as it is in many countries) AND most of ALL...

Reflect on your freedom.

Seems like we are all looking at life differently after last September. All of a sudden, the little things in life have become the BIG things in life.

Today's feature article deals with addressing current events in your business. How can you help your readers make it through the tough times, and how can you share their enjoyment in the good times.

Take the time to reflect, look inward and discover what you really have. Make plans to advance in areas that mean the most to you.

Combining reflection with grieving will mean that we will all come out of this week much stronger.



Creating Breakthrough Infoproducts about Current Events

Copyright 2002 - Jeff Smith

You have thought about writing your own eBook for months now, but you just can't seem to decide on an idea that will get you started?

Don't be discouraged, you are not the only one to face the daunting task of choosing a profitable topic for your information product.

As information product developers, we are always seeking opportunity triggers. Always looking for clues as to what problems we can solve or desires we can tap into.

Sometimes we try too hard. We spend weeks researching, discussing, testing and pulling our hair out over that next blockbuster topic for our products.

As usual, the obvious escapes us as we make things too complex. Current events satisfy the requirements for providing a terrific source of high-profit potential (HPP) ideas. Unless you live in a cave, on the international space station or work in a university or the government (sorry couldn't resist!) you can't help being exposed to hundreds of potential product ideas each and every day.

Here are some excellent sources of current events that you can easily spin into your own infoproduct ideas:

1) Daily newspapers and weekly magazines

2) Listen to local radio stations and local cable networks

3) Tune into special interest groups in specific areas related to your interests (ie. business, economics, health, education, sports, etc...)

4) Observer the "Water Cooler" discussions - they are excellent clues as to what the "hot" topics are in people's minds.

5) Monitor online discussion groups for topics that bring in information normally outside the narrow scope of board content.

Audri Lanford and Rick Beneteu recognized the increasing emphasis placed on spirituality since the trafic events of September 11th. What did they do about it?

They developed a compilation of authors, speakers, trainers who discussed the role of spirituality in business and published "Success - A Spiritual Matter"

Here's the details...

These infopreneurs worked hard to bring together a compilation of interviews that dealt with the issue of ethics and spirituality in business, so far this project is a HUGE success.

Even better, their work will really have an impact on all those that read it.

If you are looking for a new idea, looking at how to differentiate an existing idea, or simply looking for how to increase demand for an existing idea - then try and link your knowledge, skills and interests to current events. You may just get the concept for your next blockbuster information product.

Discover "Insider" Techniques Used by Infoproduct Masters To Choose Profitable Topics for Their Information Products.

Don't Waste Time Developing Products That Won't Sell - 40 Techniques You Can Apply Right Away to Generate Hot Selling Products.

Invest in the Ultimate Success Package, Discover How To Choose Hot Selling Products For Your Next Infoproduct and Get two...

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PERSPECTIVES - Fascination

From Jim Rohn's Treasury of Quotes

Fascination is one step beyond interest. Interested people want to know if it works. Fascinated people want to learn how it works.

Learn how to turn frustration into fascination. You will learn more being fascinated by life than you will by being frustrated by it.

I'm on my way to the airport to catch a plane that leaves in 45 minutes. The traffic is not moving one inch. I am now fascinated - not frustrated, but fascinated. But I must admit, it doesn't work every time.

Develop a childlike fascination with life and people.

These quotes are by Jim Rohn, America's Foremost Business Philosopher. To subscribe to the Free Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine, go to Excerpted from The Treasury of Quotes by Jim Rohn. Copyright 1994 Jim Rohn International. All rights reserved worldwide.


Marc Goldman - "The Secret Is Found In Your Passions"

Special Interview Excerpt

I heard from a few of you last week that really loved this segment of interview excerpts. If you missed the last one from Yanik Silver, you can still see it by visiting our archived newsletter at:

This week, a real treat!

An excerpt from master information product developer and marketer Marc Goldman. (Be sure to visit Marc's site, he has some super free ebooks to help you get started fast, you'll find his site here:

Every once in a while you speak with another online entrepreneur and something CLICKS - that's what happened when I interviewed Marc.

We covered a TON of information - Marc shared some of his most profitable secrets - secrets he usually only shares with his paying customers, and it's still a deal for them.

The excerpt I pulled for today has Marc sharing the exact strategies he, and his many customers use, to create high profit products... Enjoy!

Jeff [Question]

Marc, one of the questions I get asked allot, and other master infoproduct developers get asked is what can I sell? What types of products can I sell? What business idea is best to start my business. Can you give us your insight into some of the techniques that you use to develop your own product ideas, source out target markets? At your level, is it primarily a matter of sitting back and accepting feedback that comes in and recognizing opportunities, or do you actively go out into your market and actively seek product development opportunities in different ways?

Marc [Answer]

Excellent questions Jeff, let me focus in first on some tips for people to find a product to sell, since it is probably the question that we get asked the most and are consulted about.

When people ask us what should I sell online, we always respond, without fail, tell us what your interest are. If you are interested in selling a product or service online but you don't know where to start, definitely, definitely look inside yourself.

Look at your own interests to get an idea of what to sell. Chances are, if you are interested in something, so are a great number of other people.

The point is, it's easier to achieve success if you focus your business on something you like to do or you are passionate about.

For instance, if you love martial arts like I do, then focus your business on marketing products and services to others who love martial arts.

The point is, your an insider. That gives you a keen insight into problems and voids that are in the field. That's important because you always want to be selling solutions to existing problems - which is what we do.

Alright. Not just any problem though. You have to know what problems people are willing to pay to solve. There's another reason to create products based on your interests. Hopefully you have a passion for your interests, and that passion should be strong enough to come through in your product, come through on your website, in your newsletter - if you offer one, which I definitely recommend people do, and in every contact that your customers or prospects have with you.

Your passion will get you through the lean times, it will help you sell like crazy it will help you when you have an interview. People will know that you love and care about your business, and that will come through.

But one warning though. If I can share anything with people, don't ever fall in love with an idea. You have to be strong and secure enough to admit when a product is a stinker.

We all have them, and it takes courage to shelve those products and move on, but you have to do it. I have a friend, he makes a allot of money selling information products and one thing he could never admit a few years back is that one product really, really stunk. And it took allot out of him to shelve this product.

How to tell if your product is a winner?

Definitely survey your target market.

You've got to ask people what they will buy. What problems they are willing to pay to solve. What concerns they have.

Crawl inside your customer's skin and learn what makes them tick. When you have an overwhelming number of people telling you what they will pay to solve, you have a winner right there.

Find out what products are being sold to your target market already and create a similar product. Don't steal, don't plagiaries

Find out what's being sold already, if something is being sold already, then there's a need that's already being met by somebody, but maybe there is a niche in that need that is not being filled and you can fill that niche.

Let's take an example.

I have a client. He sells motivational, personal development and inspirational books, tapes and seminars. He does over a million dollars a year in sales. He has proven that people interested in motivation and personal development products, they won't just stop at one product, they are repeat buyers. Can't seem to get enough of what he offers. They keep right on buying and buying, and he just gets richer and richer.

Editor's Note:

Finally, the First Practical, Results-Oriented Techniques on Finding High-Profit Infoproduct Topics the Very First Time - Guaranteed!

The secret of hot selling infoproducts is not in the marketing - it's in infoproduct idea.

and you'll be laughing all the way to the bank once you pick just one winning topic for your infoproduct.


****New Feature****

Ask Jeff - Subscriber Questions And Input

Welcome to our new interactive subscriber section. If you have a question or tip to share with our subscribers, or even a response to previous questions, email me with your contact information to: with the subject "Ask Jeff"

Each week we will select one question or tip - if it's yours, then we'll publish a link to your email and one web site of your choice. **Note - we are into the thousands of subscribers, so you will get some attention from being published.


Comes from Tina Jesson of the UK -

My name is Tina Jesson and I am founder of Home Stagers, the UK's leading home styling company, here in Britain.

I have been very pleased with the information you have provided and have motivated me to write 'the book' I've been wanting to write for months. I am breaking it down in to smaller 'products' at the moment, to focus my writing.

The question I have is - the fact that my experiences are from business based in the UK, would that appeal to the USA market or would my audience be limited.

[Jeff's Response]

Short answer to your question is yes, I think your book will still appeal to US customers. Really enjoyed your free articles, judging by the writing style, I have a feeling your book will do very well.

I know many people based in Australia, New Zealand and the UK who are successfully marketing information products in the US.

In fact Tina, they actually use their particular country as a differentiator in follow up emails, discussion posts and articles used to "brand" themselves and help sell their products.

In any case, it may be a good idea for you to begin by offering a free report or low cost report, writing a few articles for related online publishers, etc... to confirm the value of your idea. Test, test, test - that's the secret to success on the internet.

Another option you have is to partner with an interior designer, landscape artist or other homestyle consultant in the US who doesn't directly compete with your services and write the book together. From there, you could interview each other, branch out your line of information products to add value.




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Everyone please take care this week. The world will be reflecting. Take time to ponder, discover the positives in your life and build a stronger, happier future.

As always...
Be sure to contact me if you have any comments or feedback - You Can Mail Me Here

Jeff Smith


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