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October 10, 2003

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     "Increase Your Sales By 50% Or More Using These Follow-Up
     Techniques!" - Jeff Smith


      - Top 3 Clickbank Businesss Products...

      - Could MEDITATION Help You Make More Money?

      - Are You Emails Getting Through - What's It Costing You?


Update From Jeff

A warm welcome to all this week!

You WON'T BELIEVE what I found in my INBOX this week!

Thanks to all of you, my Inbox was FILLED with responses to a brief email survey I sent out asking for your top 2 obstacles to developing your own successful infoproduct business.

It's GREAT to hear from you guys - to know that there are still many of you with dreams, goals and passion about creating your own products.

Want To Know What You Find MOST Challenging About Creating Your Own Income-Generating Infoproducts?

I haven't even been able to read every one of them yet, but roughly the challenges people are having fall into these categories:

1. Finding Topics That You Love And That People Will Buy
2. Getting Your Project Finished
3. Seeing The Big Picture - A Checklist to Get from A-Z
4. Technical Help with Website, Payment, Affiliate Program
5. Gaining Confidence, Motivation, Focus, and Overcoming Self-Doubt
6. Marketing - Traffic Generation, Sales, Partnership, etc...
7 Testing Ideas Without Someone Else Stealing Them

Yes - these are all valid obstacles and BEST OF ALL...

I can help you with each of these.

So - plan is to run an article each of the next seven weeks that attempts to deal with these obstacles. Look for them to start NEXT WEEK!

But RIGHT NOW -- Here's a QUICK TIP on #1 that really hit home again this week from a wonderful article posted by Product Development GENIUS Bill Myers on his private site over at:

FINDING TOPICS TIP: Instead of looking so hard for products to create or sell, instead look for pockets of demand and THEN figure out the best product to address that demand.

Without giving away too much, Bill's article spilled the beans on a high-demand DESIRE many retirees have that can EASILY be bundled into a newsletter, CD, or special report - it has to do with seeking out deals on real estate and property to retire on.

He's incredible - each week he finds pockets of high-demand and brainstorms products that could fill that demand.

Worth a look see for sure....

Enjoy this week's issue -

In our feature article, you'll find out the...

One, single technique that can increase your conversion by over 50% Instantly!

Have a great week everyone, talk to you again soon.


Today's Highly Recommended Resource

*** Your Own Book...In 14 Days Or Less? ***

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" Increase Your Sales By 50% Or More Using These Follow-Up Techniques!"

by Jeff Smith

Here's How To Increase Your Conversion Rate by At LEAST 50% with 1 - day's work!

We all hear about a "good" conversion of visitors to buyers as being somewhere between 2% and 5%.

Let's say you're doing really good - converting 5% of your traffic into buyers.

Even at that, 95% of visitors curious enough to click on your site are gone - majority of them forever!

Now what if you could capture just 20% of those additional 95% of "non-buyers" and turn 10% of those into buyers?


Listen to this! Even with the best copywriting in the world, you can still add 50% to your sales by having a solid follow-up system!

Let's say you have 1000 unique visitors each month.

At 5% conversion, that means you are selling 50 products each month. Not bad, BUT....

If your follow-up system is able to capture just 20% of the 950 non-buyers, counting on my fingers and toes - that's 190 people you are putting through your system.

Imagine converting just 10% of those people - that amounts to another 19 product sales...and HERE'S THE BEST PART!


Let me ask you a question?

Would you spend a day developing a follow up system if it generated an extra 19 sales every month for you?

IN FACT, I my follow-up system converts far more than 10% into customers each month, and those are some of my most loyal customers - often turning into strong REPEAT customers.

Measure the value of that!


Listen, I'm as guilty as the next guy of NOT acting on this advice - it took me almost 6-months after launching my online business to use these techniques BUT WHEN I DID... I couldn't believe the results.

Three things we have found to work very well for follow up...

1. Develop A High-Quality 4-7 Part eCourse

What are the tough issues your market is struggling with?

What is getting in the way of their success, preventing happiness, obstacles to their dreams or information they ask for again and again?

Generate a list of 4-7 lessons that do the following:

- Talk to your subscribers 1 on 1 - personal, warm and helpful
- No more than one printed page long in which you...
- Present the challenge you will address
- Provide a partial solution for that problem
- Refer to your solution as being the "complete solution"
- Includes testimonials throughout to enhance credibility and confidence.
- Provide multiple exposures of your products to your subscribers.

Your eCourse needs to address an URGENT and RELEVANT demand to your prospective customer. It needs to be personal and build your credibility while tantalizing your subscriber with the information that is in your products.

Our eCourse at:

has been the single best marketing tool we have EVER used!

A good eCourse can literally boost your sales by 50-100% with this one technique alone!

2. Post Sale Follow Up

A terrific way to gain valuable product feedback AND generate BACK-END profits... here's a successful post-sale follow-up sequence we've refined.

EMAIL 1 - Thank you, bonus download product and repeating their download information - if by chance they had any problem This gives them a personalized thank you - builds their happiness by getting an unexpected bonus and in reduces support calls by giving download information again.

EMAIL 2 - 4 Days after - we send a survey which both guages our customer's satisfaction AND helps us to improve our products as well as let's us gather testimonials.

EMAIL 3 - Follow up email on some additions to the eBooks that we have not been able to include in a next version - again more free information

EMAIL 4 - Series of informational articles each leading to recommendation for additional back-end products our customers may be interested in.

3. Newsletter, Ezine, Tips or Hints

No matter how you do it - you MUST continually and consistently provide value to your subscribers - THE REWARD...?

Largers sales, more respect, a positive reputation, word-of-mouth marketing, and a loyal list of subscribers you can continue to work with for years to come.

You - as a loyal subscriber will not be surprised to hear this strategy.

If you haven't been over to look lately - you'll see at:

we have not missed a bi-weekly issue in 18-months - that sort of consistency is rare, but so important to mainting interest from your subscribers.

We also don't hesitate to send out bulletins or updates on news that occurs on our industry each week - even if this happens 2-3 times a week - we've found our customers really appreciate it.


It's not online marketers that offer the best product that wins, it's the one that sells the best products AND has the best follow-up systems in place that will turn their efforts into profits.

Spend some time developing or improving your follow-up systems, you will be rewarded... GUARANTEED!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Use This Article With Your Affiliate Link!

Please feel free to use this article in it's entirety in your online or offline publication - the only requirement is that you use the following resource box following your article: (Note, sign up for our affiliate program at: and substitute your own affiliate link into the resource box):

Jeff Smith is an online marketing expert and author of the highly recommended Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package. Discover exactly how to quickly create one hot selling infoproduct after another. Building your own Infoproduct Empire is easy with the Success Package. See it here:

USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

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3 Terrific Resources - Deserving of the Top Spots!

1. Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook

2. How To Write Your Own Book in 7 Days - Jim Edwards

3. EBook Secrets Revealed - Jim Edwards

** Could MEDITATION Help You Make More Money?

Survey Says!

Recent article discovered that there are many "Closet" Meditators out there today.

They may not admit it to your face, but turns out many CEO's - and I would imagine a fair number of you - either have tried meditation or would like to try it.

Fill in the Poll - and they will show you the results overall...

If you want to know a great source for helping you relax and IMPROVE your meditation - here's what I've found Really works!

** How Many of Your Emails Get Through - And What Do
the Filters COST YOU!
Anyone who publishes a newsletter or does legitimate email marketing knows that vast numbers of valid emails or newsletter NEVER GET THROUGH THE FILTERS.

Here's a super article on what that might be costing you as an online marketer - and what you can do about it...


Have a wonderful weekend!

As always - if you have any questions, let me know.

Jeff Smith


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