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May 30, 2003

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Article Review Edition

Jeff's Article Review...

Welcome back everyone!

Hope that all those with a holiday weekend had a super time, energized and ready to get back into the swing of things!

Yah right, I can hear you all moaning!

Hopefully this will help get you back into a positive mood heading into the weekend.

Thanks to all who were kind enough to contact me after the last Article Review edition - seems like this format is a hit, and a nice break from the full Online Marketing Success Secrets Revealed bi-weekly ezine you receive.

I'll tell you right off the bat, I had a tough time coming up with a quality article this week.

It's like anything else, there are 9 poorly written articles for every solid one out there - which is the main reason behind me bringing you the best of the best AND analysing why it's the best.

Luckily, Terry Dean bailed me out this week!

Terry was one of the originals online that built ALLOT of his business based on writing free articles and spreading them all over the internet.

With a list of 100,000+ newsletter subscribers, online earnings we can only dream about, a kick-butt online forum and resource site (, and one of the best known reputations on the internet, we can all learn so much from Terry's tips.

Here's 3 power tips we can pull from Terry's article...

Tip #1:

Of all the proven successful internet marketers I know, Terry has achieved fast and continual growth online by keeping things as simple and hype-free as possible.

His most successful product - the membership site is chalk-full of content based entirely on Terry's personal experience.

His online success formula is simple.

  • Do it.

  • Test the results.

  • Improve it.

  • Test the results.

  • Do it again.

  • When you find something that works, sell that information.

That's it.

People will pay a high premium for information they know has worked for someone else.

The real lesson for all of us active in your field, then you can just write about what works, what doesn't work, what is a waste of time, what is a good value, etc...

A publisher of a very large ezine explained this to me early on. He specifically told me that he looks for personal experience in his articles - that factor alone can mean the difference between getting hundreds of thousands of eyes on your articles versus a few hundred, and will increase your response astronomically.

Tip #2:

Understand What Really Drives Your Market

Terry could have titled this article something like "2 Techniques For Driving Traffic To Your Site".

Problem is, there are hundreds of articles that deal with traffic generation...and most of them are written by people who have not used the techniques to generate large traffic or sales themselves.

Let me ask you, are you not intrigued by the prospect of learning how a successful internet market lives and does business?

Captures your curiosity doesn't it?

Not only does the headline hit a home run, he practically has you drooling with the first 14 paragraphs because he knows what drives people: prestige, freedom, security and not money.

Once he has your attention (and the attention of hundreds of ezine publishers), he then shares his proven techniques with the reader.

Think about titles that will grab your reader, feed on their curiosity and stand out from the thousands of other articles submitted each week.

Writing articles demands that you understand your target market. You need to know their desires, emotions, what cranks them up and what turns them off.

You need to know these facts to market your business successfully, turns out article writing is not that different.

Tip #3:

Include links within the body of your articles.

It took me a while to catch onto this one, and I have to admit it happened by accident.

After months of writing articles, and getting a fairly good response, I decided to include an affiliate link into the body of one of my articles - more as a reference to my readers than as a method to increase response.

The article was picked up by a major ezine, and within 24-hours of that article running, I had made 4X more affiliate sales than I had made in the previous 4-months!

Now it turns out that affiliate program pays recurring commission, so I will be paid for months and years to come based on one link in one article that took 30-minutes to write.

Since that first success, I've repeated this technique many times with my own products, references to my ezine and minicourses and affiliate products - all with breakthrough results.

Take a look at Terry's well-placed links, and don't think he isn't getting some incredible exposure and response from this technique.

Now, you can do the same.

Now, here is our featured article. Enjoy - and see you next with with another issue of Online Information Marketing Success Secrets Revealed!

Thanks for reading.


Today's Power-Packed Article


"The Internet Marketer's Lifestyle"

- by Terry Dean


It's not the money. It's the lifestyle.

That's right. It isn't the money that motivates many people to turn to a home based business or to start their own Internet business.

Sure the money is good...very good.

The lifestyle is better.

It provides you with a freedom that you could never have with a 9 to 5 job. When you work for someone else, they tell you:

  • When to get up and come to work
  • Where you can live (it isn't practical to live 100 miles away)
  • How often you can vacation
  • How much you can earn each year

When you work in your own online business, you are in charge of those things.

You decide when you want to work. One of my online associates chooses to work around midnight to 6 (I think he's crazy personally). I choose to work early.

You choose where you want to live. If you want to live out in the country fine. If you want to live on the beach, that's OK. If you want to live in Australia, then that's perfect for an Internet business. It's up to you.

You choose the vacation times you want. Some people prefer to take several weeks off at a time while others take weekend vacations almost every week.

As an Internet business, you are not limited to a specific income level. If you learn how to automate and outsource some of the work, you can build any level of income you want.

We made a decision this month. We moved from a town of 35,000 people out to a smaller town a little further out with less than 1,000 people. We actually didn't move too far (only about 15 miles or 20 minutes) and we are keeping our address at the Post Office in Richmond.

The difference is in the environment. We had neighbors around 35 feet from our house on both sides in Richmond.

Now, you can only see one house off in the distance. The closest neighbor is a cow named "Oscar" who hangs out close to our fence (it is the neighbor's cow, not ours). My two dogs have a good old time barking at it trying to get it to play with them.

For myself, this is the perfect environment. It is quiet and peaceful so I can work on writing (which is what I enjoy most in the business). My wife loves horses so we may purchase a couple of horses here in the future.

The point is that it is up to us.

The whole time we have been moving out here our automatic Internet machine kept right on working.

We have been so busy it is hard to imagine, but sales kept coming in. There are boxes piled everywhere, but my Internet sites just kept bringing in the orders.

It's been hectic answering the email and shipping out the orders, but they have all been done on time (and it only takes a few hours to do them).

There are periods of time where I only work a couple hours a day (now is one of them because of the moving) and other times I choose to work 12-hour days when setting up a new project.

Yes, I said "work." This is a business and it will require you to work if you want to succeed. The key is that you choose what work level you want and you can automate much of the rest.

The orders we are currently receiving have been occurring even though I have spent ZERO promotion time the past couple of weeks. I just havenít had time to do any marketing, but money keeps coming in.

For our business, the two best auto-pilot order producing techniques currently taking place are:

1. Articles and Free eBooks

These are our primary viral marketing methods. There are dozens upon dozens of articles available in our free article section at:

I have promoted the fact widely that any ezine publisher or web site can use them for content as long as they keep my contact information in tact at the bottom of each article.

So, guess what...They do publish them. I have thousands of links to my site through these articles being published all over the web. Every week we have a barrage of additional traffic as another large ezine publishes one of them.

It is a win-win situation for both of us. My site receives additional traffic and sales while the publisher (web site or ezine) has additional content to provide to their audience.

Submitting articles to ezines and large content web sites is one of the best free advertising methods still available on the net (forget posting FFA Links and free classified ads).

Do you have any free content out there working for you?

2. Affiliates

The second strategy we have built is our affiliate program. I haven't had time to promote myself, but my affiliate members have kept right on promoting.

They can become an almost automatic stream of income for your product (I say almost because it is essential that you spend time supporting them).

There really is no excuse for you to not have your own affiliate program if you are in control of your own product.

Affiliate software costs $200 or less.

If you hate technology and don't even want to touch it, then there are also numerous companies that you can use to do the affiliate tracking for you:

It takes a little work to build up your affiliate network and to train them how to sell your program, but it is more than worth it. Once they have been setup and trained, they can constantly and consistently produce sales for you in years to come.

Pay high commissions. Your affiliates are producing sales for you that you would have never had. It is almost like receiving free money. Who cares if you have to pay them $50 to get $40 free money in your pocket.

Having an affiliate program firmly established in place will help you to get to the place where you can have the kind of Internet lifestyle you choose.

Terry Dean, a 5 year veteran of Internet marketing, will Take You By The Hand and Show You Exact Results of All the Internet Marketing Techniques he tests and Uses Every Single Month" Click here to Find Out More:


Have a super weekend, feel free to drop me a line.

I'll see you in a week with the next full issue of "Online Marketing Success Secrets Revealed!"

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Have a super weekend!

Jeff Smith


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