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March 28, 2003

(c)Copyright Jeff Smith 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Here's An Amazing, Simple, Viral                                Marketing Technique" - Jeff Smith

3. Sit Down with the Experts -
                               "2-Weeks To Creating Your Own High-Profit
                                Information Products"

4. Usable News - Latest Infoproduct News

5. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Welcome back everyone. Happy to have you along for the ride.

Just tucked my little guy into bed and now have time to share some thoughts, information and valuable insights with you.

It just kills me how kids go flat out...

110% and then just DROP!

Talk about living in the moment. Our 3-year old was so tuckered out he was falling asleep as I was putting him into bed.

Have you ever watched how much they can accomplish in one day - there's your answer to "not enough time in the day"

They absolutely love and are intrigued by everything they do - taking in things you and I have long been forced to ignore just to get through a normal day.

That's my lesson for the week...

Live more for the moment. Spend more time doing things that fascinate me, that I enjoy so much that time seems to stand still.

That's what's incredible about doing this business, you get to be fascinated everyday. You get to spend more time doing the things you love, that GIVE you energy instead of TAKING energy.

It just so happens putting this newsletter together is one of the things I love to do - so one we go!

Today's feature article outlines an incredible technique for attracting eager customers and prospects to your products and list. I've just started using it, costs you nothing, is very quick to do and works faster than any technique I've found so far.

I've also got a terrific interview for you with a very successful infoproduct developer, John Stafford. He's a master list builder and owner of the ListSecrets site:

Have yourself a super week, and be sure to contact me with your feedback or questions, I'll help any way I can.


Today's Highly Recommended Resource


Imagine holding a copy of your own book, or eBook in your hand 14 days or less from when you started. How long have you dreamed of completing your own book? If it's any more than a few weeks, then that's TOO LONG.

I highly recommend this Incredible Course: How To Write A Book in 14 Days!!



Here's An Amazing, Simple Viral Marketing Technique!

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

What do you need to really get your online business humming?

  • A steady stream of targeted prospects
  • Techniques to build your opt-in list that work fast
  • Low cost, quick and easy marketing methods
  • Systems for generating back-end income, month after month
  • Quick and effective tools to attract super affiliates

In fact, these are the exact pieces you need to build your own online empire, so how can you get there?

I use many techniques to reach these goals. Free articles work well. Ezine advertising works, but not as well as it once did. Joint ventures work, but they can take allot of work and some produce much better than others.

What you need is ANOTHER method that you control, is simple to produce, sets you aside from your competition, spreads your name around the net, and continues to spread until your bank account is so full, you have to open another.

I've just pulled in hundreds of targeted subscribers in less than 48 hours, doubled my entire month's product sales within 24 hours and have earned additional back-end income already - and here's the best part...

This technique cost me NOTHING to use, and took less than 1-hour to complete.

Ok, I hear you, you want to know what it is...drum roll please!


Create your own short, high-impact, brandable Special Report to give away.

Here's an example that you can brand and giveaway yourself...

Here's how it's done.

Step 1. Develop a 10-15 page Special Report

This is the hardest part - but need not be. If you already have your own infoproduct, take an excerpt that addresses a very high demand question or desire and package that into your own Special Report. (Just do it up in MS Word, you can then convert it to Adobe .pdf or .exe later) So what if you don't have your own infoproduct?

If you sell an affiliate product, then ask the affiliate manager if you can extract part of their book for you to use. Most will agree as long as you show them this plan. Worst case, you have to write your Special Report from scratch.

No worries, it's really only writing 4 or 5 2-page articles - something you should be able to do in under 1-hour.

Step 2. Compile the Report Into .pdf or .exe format

The preference of most customers will be .pdf format, and it runs across all platforms as opposed to .exe which are limited to Windows Systems only.

If you can't afford a full version of Adobe Acrobat, then you have other options. You can convert your document into .pdf up to 5 times for free from here:

with a $9.99/month option after the 5 conversions.

You can also do low cost conversion here:

Step 3. Include Strategic Links to Your Own Affiliate Program

Remember that this will not only be a product you give away to customers, but a viral marketing tool that you want to give your affiliates/joint venture partners to use to increase their affiliate sales of your products.

So, include affiliate links to your own product or a top-tier affiliate URL from another program so that others who join signup under you and you will get a portion of the profits.

Step 4. Setup Your eBook to Work with A Branding Program

There are a few branding products on the market - the best I've found for pdf format eBooks is:

This product allows you to ship a branding tool with your eBook allowing your affiliates/partners to customize their version of your report to include their affiliate links.

Step 5. Post Your eBook, Branding Software and Instructions

Post these 3 files to a website and create download links, where people can freely get at your new viral marketing tool.

Step 6. Spread the Word! Collect Your Money!

This is the fun part. Everyone wants high-value, free eBooks to giveaway, bundle with their products, send to their subscriber list, include in master-resell rights packages, etc... Announce them on forums, chat groups, to your ezine list, your affiliate list, major ezine publishers and anyone else you can think of.

Congratulations, you've just created your own virus!

Watch out for falling money!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Use This Article With Your Affiliate Link!

Please feel free to use this article in it's entirety in your online or offline publication - the only requirement is that you use the following resource box following your article: (Note, sign up for our affiliate program at: and substitute your own affiliate link into the resource box):

Jeff Smith is an online marketing expert and author of the highly recommended Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package. Discover exactly how to quickly create one hot selling infoproduct after another. Building your own Infoproduct Empire is easy with the Success Package. See it here:

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John Stafford - 2-Weeks To Creating Your Own High-Profit Infopoduct"

Special Interview Excerpt


John Stafford has developed an incredibly successful eBook, branded himself an online expert and is well on his way to building his own online infoproduct empire.

His book is titled " The Money Is In The List" and it can be found at ( )

And here's the BEST PART....

His latest book took him less than 2-weeks to develop!

Find out more about how he does it in PART 1 of this interview.

Next week, watch for Part 2 of this valuable interview.

If you missed the last few powerful interview segments with Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, and Willie Crawford then you can find them in our new online newsletter archive available at:

Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

Let's jump right in and have you give our listeners some background on how you got started developing and selling infoproducts - a fascinating story I'm sure?

John Stafford [Answer]

Oh yeah *smile*

Let's see, you got me going back a few years.... It was way back in 1998, I was lured to the idea of making money online and found Ebay a really good place to start.

It was right around the time the stock jumped, it was all over the news about how this company came out of nowhere and took the net by storm.

I spent a really long time looking over what sold and what didn't and it was clear that people were making good money selling information products even back then.

Mostly it was, those little how to CDs so I did that for awhile and once I got tired of going to the post office, I got into selling totally downloadable products.

It's been a wild ride ever since.

Jeff [Question]

John, how important would you say it is to develop your own products to sell online?

John Stafford [Answer]

Extremely Important Jeff.

Having your own product to sell online keeps you unique and lets you stand out in the eyes of your prospects.

This is especially vital to your success in a crowded niche like internet marketing, where most people are all trying to sell the same type of products.

Jeff [Question]

I'm sure our listeners would be interested in hearing about what it's like to be in the infoproduct development business? Can you give our listeners a glimpse inside some of the benefits involved with profiting from your own information products?

John Stafford [Answer]

Extremely Important Jeff.

Man, I tell you it's really great. There are alot of benefits to having your own information products. A few that come to mind are:

* They're free to create so it's perfect if you're on a budget

* Delivery is digital so you don't have to ship anything.

* The profit margins are staggering, given that your only expense is credit card processing fees.

I think the best part is that it's all hands free and automated now, so the sales roll in even while you sleep.

I love it so much I wouldn't be anywhere else.

Jeff [Question]

One of the most asked questions from those who want to start selling their own products is: how they can find a product to sell?

In my book, The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Idea Guidebook I outline over 40 different techniques to generate hundreds of hot information product ideas that they can use right away to get their very own product to market fast while keeping all of the profits.

Can you fill us in on the steps you use to create and evaluate your information product ideas?

Perhaps you can take us through the steps of how you developed the ideas for your first few products? Did you have a passion for or experience with your topic?

John Stafford [Answer]

I do have a passion for the whole industry, I really like marketing and helping people.

My ideas always come at random times, so I always keep a notepad with me so I can write them down right away. The 3 main ways I get fuel for my ideas are:

* Discussion Forums - This is where people tend to complain about what ails them.

* Surfing around a alot of marketing sites to see what's out there and going on.

* I read a ton of ezines and educational products

The idea is just to dump as much as you can into your brain, always take notes and ask yourself the following questions:

How can I use that idea or expand on it? How can I make it better or easier to understand?

You might get alittle burnt out, it does happen but just step away for a few days and come back with fresh eyes. It's amazing how creative you'll get.

Jeff [Question]

John, can you let us in on how long it took you to develop your latest eBook and what software you used to create it?

John Stafford [Answer]

Well between researching and writing, it took about 2 weeks working off and on. I used MS word and Adobe Acrobat to create it, I believe PDF is the superior format for making ebooks.

Jeff [Question]

What 3 marketing methods would you say have gotten the best results for you?

John Stafford [Answer]

I've gotten the best results so far from:

1. Pay Per Click search engines, especially Overture and Find What.

2. Marketing my products to my existing lists on a regular basis.

3. Joint Venturing with other marketers that have a similiar customer base.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tune in to the next issue of Online Marketing Success Secrets Revealed! for Part 2 of this great interview with John.

In the meantime, I highly recommend his super eBook on list building here:


WARNING! Don't even think of following any so-called "Internet Expert's" Advice Until You Read This... "I'll Take You By The Hand and Show You Exact Results of All the Internet Marketing Techniques I Test and Use Every Single Month" Click here to Find Out More:

USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

** Amazing Amounts Of Money Are Being Wasted On Ezine Advertising That Just Doesn't Work!

I'm guilty of it, and so to are many of the big names in information product marketing. Let's face it, we can't afford to waste $40, $60 or more at a time on ezine ads that don't produce a single sale.

My hit rate has gone up over 400% since I've had the benefit of Terry Dean's Netbreakthrough's site. He's saved me a TON of money AND I've made 100s of sales through ezine advertising since joining Terry's wonderful site.

Each week he tests an ezine, gives you the exact ad he used, the exact results he achieved, notes on why it worked or didn't work and his recommendation.

He also has one of the best online coaching forums on the internet BAR NONE!

Just this last week, he published results from one major ezine with over 170,000 subscribers that didn't product ONE SINGLE SALE.

Yet he mentions others with 8,000-10,000 subscribers that produce AMAZING results.

If you are serious about marketing, then you'll want to get Terry's weekly updates...

** New Tool For Distributing Newsletters

Paul Myers is a veteran internet marketing superstar.

Known for his list building talents, he has recently become disillusioned with the crap that some less than scrupulous list builders are doing by selling or sharing lists.

As such - he has created a really unique tool called NewsMon, which is a light software application you setup on your desktop and allows you to select from various newsletters, get updates when you want and open links from within his software.

Super way for legitimate ezines to get around the spam filters as well.

It's really getting allot of attention within the online marketing community. I'm going to start giving it a try for my newsletter - watch for an announcement soon.

You can download it for no-charge here:


Wishing you a wonderful week, and best of luck with your projects until the next issue.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, get hold of me here:

Jeff Smith


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Jeff Smith
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