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June 20, 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Quick and Easy Way To Create Your Own                                 Interview Product" - Jeff Smith

3. Expert Interviews - "Incredible, Life-Altering eBook and Interview"
                                   Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, M.D.!

4. Usable News -     Another Flattering Review

                                Terrific New Update - JV Secrets Revealed

                                Making $250,000/yr with a Subsciption Web Site

5. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Welcome to our new subscribers this week and welcome back to you - our loyal readers.

This week was it...

The graduating week for my 3-1/2 year-old from pre-school.

We were lucky enough to find an incredible co-operative pre-school in our area that did some incredible things for our little boy...

      - He learned to share
      - He learned to give
      - He learned to make friends
      - He learned to learn
      - He learned to get along with others
      - He learned that trying new things is exciting!

I still remember the first day we took him to class, he cried non-stop for 1-hour.

We thought, that's it!

There's no way we can keep him here, he won't adjust.

Week after week, things got a little better.

With the help of some excellent teachers and mentors, he grew from an insecure toddler to an independent little boy.

I would be lying if I said my wife and I didn't shed a tear or two over the end of this stage of his life.

We knew, the next stage means putting him on a bus and letting go even more.

But that's what life is all about.

Living outside of the comfort zone.

I suddenly realized our son had taught me something (or at least reminded me of something) very important.

In order to live life in a fulfilling way, we need to try new things, trust in our human spirit to prevail

We need to gain confidence that we WILL be able to reach our goals, even when we navigate unchartered waters.

All of us did this when we were kids - it's never been clearer to me than this week. We all have the ability within us to try new things, adapt, adjust, and prosper if we only try.

Stepping outside of the comfort zone, trying something different, just do it -- always results in improvement. It's not always immediate, but the result is definite.

I have to thank this incredible business of internet marketing for giving me the chance to be there as my children grow up.

Instead of being away from home for 60-hours a week, jumping on a plane every second week or sitting in an endless array of useless meetings, I can be free to see my kids grow up -- I wish that for everyone!

Enough talk...

Today's feature article is on recording your own infoproduct - this technique gets you a product in less than one day.

You'll also want to check out the Usable News section for some terrific updates.


Today's Highly Recommended Resource

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Quick and Easy Way To Create Your Own Interview Product

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

Would you like a low-effort way to test a product idea before you spend anymore time on it?

What about bonus products or giveaways to increase sales and/or the price of your product? We all need those.

How about creating a series of interviews that you can sell on their own for $97 or more...?

You can even use interviewing as a method to quickly create content you can then package into an eBook, Special Report, course, workshop, teleseminar or multimedia package.

What I'm speaking about today is having someone interview YOU on your chosen topic.

If you still haven't found a high-demand topic, then you'll find some leading-edge techniques here:

Find yourself a moderator (interviewer). Anyone that is reasonably well spoken and passionate about your topic is a good choice.

You can get some of the bigger names interested by offering them resell rights to the interview after your done.

You have your idea, you have your interviewer, now here's how you get it done...

Step 1. Find 10 High-Demand Questions To Ask

What do people in your given market really want the answer to?

Search discussion forums, talk to subscribers or customers, identify leaders in your market and ask them, seek out magazine articles - what questions are they writing about?

Typically you will spend 5 minutes on each question which will make your your interview close to 1-hour - about the longest you want to spend on one topic.

Step 2: Setup Your Telephone Recording Studio

Don't be scared!

You can purchase a $20 adapter from your local electronics store that will allow you to capture audio from your telephone.

For more discussion on setting up your telephone for recording interviews, download this complimentary report:

Step 3: Create Your Introduction

Keep your introduction short with lots of benefits.

Here is a sample introduction I've used...

"Hello Everyone -

Welcome to the [Insert Your Interview Title Here]

I'm [Your Interviewers Name], and I will be grilling [Your Name Here] on how to How To "...your main proposition"

[Your Name] has some blockbuster information for you today on how you can...

[Benefit #1]
[Benefit #2]
[Benefit #3]
...and much, much more.

By the time we wrap up this interview, you will understand exactly how to "Your Main Proposition"

I know you are excited about getting started fast, so without further delay, let me introduce [Your Name] to the call.

[Your Name] How are you today?

From here, you launch into a question that lets you introduce yourself, your accomplishments and how you can help people get what they want.

Step 4. Keep Your Moderator Quiet!

It's ok to follow up with sub-questions, to drill into a specific point, but keep the number of laughs, comments, analysis and other inappropriate noises to a minimum. People want to hear you.

Step 5. Create Your Questions To Bring Out Experiences

You want to tell a story or give a real-life example per question in your interview.

Stories sell - and keep attention.

Step 6. Reference Your Products

In context of the interview, give your product URL's, product benefits.

Talk about success stories.

Include references to your opt-in content.

You never know where these interviews will end up and you want people always to know where to find you.

That's it for getting the interview done. In a future article we'll talk about how to package that interview for maximum profit.

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Incredible, Life-Altering eBook Review - Dr Mani Sivasubramanian

Special Interview Excerpt


Here's something I saw on the dicussion forums last week that BLEW ME AWAY.

Someone had posted a question about packaging information as email courses instead of eBooks.

One of the replies indicated he had packaged the same information he would charge $27 for in eBook format into an email course which he charged $297 for -- and get this he was selling many with NO returns.

I emailed this gentleman, who turned out to be Dr. Mani Sivasubramainian - a pediatric heart surgeon who ended up having one of the most powerful books I have ever read called "The Emotion Prism: How To Be Happy When You'd Rather Be Sad"


So - what we have for you today...

First, a brief interview with Dr Mani on how he has created his own eCourse that he charges a staggering $297 for, and...

Second - a quick review of his incredible eBook "The Emotion Prism"

Did you know...

Every issue of this newsletter, for the last year includes a blockbuster interview excerpt from some of the biggest names in online marketing.

If you've missed some of our past POWER Interviews with the experts, then you'll want to hear what Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, Damon Zahariades, Willie Crawford and many others are doing to create, and grow their own Infoproduct Empires. Check out our archives right here...

Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

Mani - I was intrigued by your response to your forum post regarding eCourses. How long (how many pages approx)would each lesson work out to be of your eCourse?

Dr. Mani [Answer]

For the $297 course, each lesson is around 20 to 25 pages in Adobe PDF format, has a supplemental report or two for each lesson, a self-assessment questionnaire, a few assignments and some bonuses.

For the $9.97 starter course, each lesson is two pages, with plenty of course work (do-it-yourself ezine creation stuff) and has NO bonuses or supplementals except an offer to announce the finished ezine to my list.

Jeff [Question]

That's incredible! Nine lessons at 20-pages is about the size of an eBook - and yet you get 10X the value you would get for an eBook!

How has your return rate been - do you offer refund after entire course, or only after 2-3 sessions?

Dr. Mani [Answer]

I offer refunds up to 1 month into the course for the first one (which means the buyer can try 2 classes before cancelling). For the other course, I offer a refund guarantee until the time of completion.

Again, surprisingly, I've not received ONE SINGLE request for a refund. That convinces me further that this is a powerful new trend.

eBook Review

You may have heard it before...But THIS TIME IT'S TRUE

This is an eBook that may very well change your life forever!!

Dr. Mani dealt with life and death daily as a pediatric heart surgeon for children.

Newborns with heart defects - their lives hanging by a thread, with Dr Mani holding the key to a full recovery.

There are times he could not help - as talented as he's those times that he extracted these 3 simple principals for living a happy life - in the face of extreme challenge - into this powerful eBook.

The concepts are powerful. Simple, but extremely powerful and he has explained them using entertaining examples and stories.

If you want to improve...

  • Your Life
  • Your Business
  • Your Happiness
  • Your Human Spirit

Then get yourself a copy of Dr Mani's "Emotion Prism: How To Be Happy When You'd Rather Be Sad!"

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USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

** A Flattering Review...

Another glowing review for "The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" - you can read it right here...

** Terrific New Update...JV Secrets Revealed

I was already a HUGE fan of their JV Secrets Revealed package.

Just the other day Marc and Terry let me in on a little secret:

Their blockbuster course: JV Secrets Revealed has been completely revamped!

They let you in on the exact techniques to form any partnership with anyone with any size list - and turn your JV into huge returns.

Highly regarded and recommended...

**Making $250,000/year with Subscription Web Site

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Among the treasures this month is an article that breaks down exactly what you need to make a living from your own subscription based website.

The fascinating conclusion is that you can do it with as little as 500 subscribers - how simple does that sound?

You can get some of his better articles for free right here:

Do yourself a favor though, try joining his membership site - it's amazingly affordable and chalk-full of incredible, profitable business ideas.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Let me know if I can do anything to help with your project.

Jeff Smith


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Jeff Smith
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