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June 13, 2003

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Article Review Edition

Jeff's Article Review...

Welcome to another Friday edition of the "Experts Article Review"

If you want to learn to write simple, highly effective and popular articles to promote your business or cause, then you'll want to pay extra special attention to today's edition!

Just before we jump into today's issue, let me remind you about a very practical, affordable seminar that Willie Crawford is hosting this Saturday (it'll be recorded for those that can't make it).

It's called Merchant Accounts Secrets Exposed! and will FINALLY solve the mystery of payment systems, shopping carts, affiliate management software, and much more...

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On to the article review...

I've been a HUGE admirer of Damon's Zahariades writing for months now...and I'm not alone!

Through nothing more than the written word, Damon has attracted some of the biggest names in this business to his side.

Read the article below, I think you will agree...

He gets the neurons firing!

When you start reading one of his articles, it's like a wire comes out of your screen and connects immediately to your brain -- do you think he gets results!

I know he does!

His personality just oozes through. There's no bull, no beating around the bush.

You immediately say, "Hey, I trust this guy!"

Here's what works with this article...

Comment 1: Use GPS Guided Focus

Damon knows exactly what he wants to say and he says it in as few words as possible.

Based on his personal experience, taking action is absolutely essential to realizing success

His product is about writing special reports --

For his readers to be successful, they need to get started

What we need to take away from this is to have a single, highly focused point to make in your article -- then make that point in as few words as possible.

Comment 2: Start with paradise...

Then tell them how to get there.

Be aware of where your reader desperately wants to be. Then help them get there.

Damon could have started off with something like...

"If you want to create your own Special Reports you need to get started writing. Writing is the key to getting your Special Report to market..."

Instead, he starts off by positioning the desire in the reader's mind of where they want to be against the painful advice of taking action...

"You want to start making money with Special Reports?"

You gotta start writing

You want to quit your job and build an information marketing business?

You gotta start WRITING!"

Start with helping your reader visualize the end benefit which will unconsciously create massive desire for your information.

Comment 3: Inject Your Experience

A common thread across most successful articles -- and infoproducts for that matter -- is to base your solution on personal experience.

Damon's story about mistakes he made along the way tells the reader...

"This tip will save me pain, time and the most dreaded outcome of all -- failure!"

Aren't you happy to learn from someone else's mistakes?

It means you won't have to make the same mistakes yourself

Inject good and bad experiences into your writing - and you will connect with your readers.

Comment 4: Write Short Sentences

The main reason I like Damon's writing style, I can read his article in under a minute and walk away with more information than most 5-page articles.

We are all busy people!

Respect that

Make your writing brief, to the point and personal

Now let me step back and let you read this powerful article.

Thanks for reading.


Today's Power-Packed Article


"3 Critical Tips To Writing Your First Profit-Pulling Special Report!"

by Damon G. Zahariades

Ya gotta start writing.

You want to make money with Special Reports?

Ya gotta start writing.

You want to quit your job and build an information marketing business?

Ya gotta start WRITING!

Getting Started On Your First Special Report


You've seen the trend. Special Report are hot. All of the Big Name marketers are writing them. You want your piece of the pie.

There's only one problem...

You can't seem to get started.

You sit there, daydreaming of owning a stable of Special Reports. You can taste it... each Report brings in a stream of sales.

In your dream, these streams gather into a full-time income.

But, reality is harsh. Your problem persists. It won't go away. You're nearly frantic because you want to get started as soon as possible.

Something holds you back.

Shaking Off The Shackles


Below, I'm going to give you a way to break free. A way to loosen the grip of the claws that tighten around you.

I'm going to give you 3 tips that will help you start your first Special Report.

Your Special Report begins on the first page.

Your first page begins with a paragraph.

Your first paragraph begins with a sentence.

Your first sentence begins with a word.

One... single... solitary... word.

So, let's get started.

Tip #1: Forget About Perfection


I'm going to admit something embarrassing to you.

I spent several months writing my book, The Special Report Bible.

That's right... I wrote a book showing others how to create short, profitable information products quickly and the darn thing took me several months to write.

Go figure.

The problem was that I wanted it to be perfect.

Very bad move. And I won't make that mistake again.

Here's my advice... don't worry about your Special Report being perfect. It'll kill your creativity.

Write your Report. Do a great job. Get it on the street and start making sales.

Then, improve it.

Tip #2: Start From An Outline


It's not sexy. It's not glamourous.

But, it DOES work.

If you build a simple outline and use it as a guide, you'll find writing your Special Report will be MUCH easier.

Very few people can sit down and write a coherent info-product without an outline. Even a short Special Report.

You may be the exception. But, the odds are against you.

Build a simple outline. It will help you start (and finish) your Special Report. That way, you can get started on your NEXT Report.

Tip #3: Use Quick, Controlled Bursts


Writing for hours by candlelight as the first rays of morning light burn away the shadows of darkness.

Ahhh... the quintessential romantic view of the inspired author.

Forget about it. There is a better way.

Now, this may sound a little silly. But, keep an open mind. Hear me out.

Write for 30 minutes. Then, stop. I mean it. 30 minutes only. I recommend getting a timer (since I use one), but I'll leave that up to you.

You'll be most productive during that 30-minute burst.

After those 30 minutes, your productivity begins to wane. Your brain starts to tire. And your writing begins to suffer.

Give it a try. Write for 30 minutes. Then, rest. Breathe. Take a walk. Let your brain cells recharge.

Then, sit down and write for another 30 minutes.

Remember... quick, controlled bursts.

Enough Blabber. Time To Get Started


I've babbled enough. It's time for you to get started.

Remember, if you want to build an information marketing business, ya gotta start writing.

Stop worrying about your first Special Report being perfect. You can fix it after it's on the market making sales.

Build your outline. Believe me... it HELPS. Spend 15 minutes here. Don't get bogged down.

Start writing. Use 30-minutes bursts. Leverage your energy.

If you take one thing away from this article, it should be this...

Start writing your Special Report TODAY!

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

Damon G. Zahariades is a recognized expert in info-product
creation and author of the critically-acclaimed e-book, "The
Special Report Bible."
He will show you, step-by-step, how
to create highly-profitable Special Reports. To find out
more, visit today!


Have a super weekend, feel free to drop me a line.

I'll see you in a week with the next full issue of "Online Marketing Success Secrets Revealed!"

Here's how you can reach me...

Have a super weekend!

Jeff Smith


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