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June 06, 2003

(c)Copyright Jeff Smith 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Using Minicourses To Generate Wealth                                 From Your Market - Jeff Smith

3. Sit Down with the Experts -
                               "How Did Joe Kumar Create Such
                                A Buzz" - Joe Kumar

4. Usable News -     Another High-Quality Giveaway

                                Write A Book, Become Rich

                                Watch Out! Another Paypal Scam

                                The Power of the Much Hated PopUp

5. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Hi again everyone!

As I put fingers to keyboard this week, we're finally getting a peek of sun through the window. It's been 7 straight days of rain and clouds and I'm having trouble handling so much natural light!

My wife is driving me nuts telling me how great all this water is for the flowers, grass, trees and shrubs - problem is I'm not a plant, but someone who needs a certain amount of light to keep my grumpiness in check.

Doesn't your body need the sun to produce vitamin E, F, G or K? That's it, I have an excuse for being overly testy this last week - I don't have enough of the ABC'!

My passion for information products has rubbed off on my father.

Having retired after many rounds with corporate life a he's been curiously looking on as I build this fabulous hobby into a thriving business.

Interestingly, I've had to go back to my roots in this business, citing products that were crucial to my early learning including:

"Internet Marketing Succes Secrets" from Corey Rudl

"33 Days to Online Profits" from Yanik Silver

How to Write A Book in 14 Days Or Less On Anything ...Guaranteed by Steve Manning.

He's got some incredible knowledge and insight into a few niche markets - he's at the stage now where he needs to test a few of his ideas and find out what people will buy in those markets.

My suggestion to him is included as today's feature article, "Using Minicourses To Generate Wealth From Your Market"

Also in this issue is an excerpt from overnight success 18-year old Joe Kumar who has released the exceptional "30 Days To Online Success"

Find out how Joe worked with Mark Joyner to come up with this brilliant product idea.

One final note, readers that have been with me for a while know how crazy I am about blues music. Well, one of the last remaining originals, Buddy Guy, just released a new CD - I've heard the preview at and it sounds awesome!

I'll let everyone know how it is - or if you get it first, why not let me know how great it is.



Using Minicourses To Generate Wealth From Your Market

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

Are you looking for ways to profit from your market?

You know there are loads of hungry buyers out there, you just don't know how to find out what they are looking for.

The BIG question we all want answered is..."How can I make money off of that market" or more appropriately, "how can I make money with the knowledge I have of a specific market."

The answer is quite simple.

Use a system that quickly builds your prospect base, discovers what they want AND markets a series of products to them until you find proven winners.

So what is the magic system?

Hmmm. Sounds too good to be true?

I thought so to until I discovered the amazing power of using minicourses to build your list AND find hot selling products.

One of more than 40 techniques you can use to find hot selling products for your market included in "Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package" , the minicourse product testing system can be one of the most effective.

A minicourse is a series of automated lessons (between 4-8 lessons are most effective) that introduce readers to a problem or desire you anticipate they have, walking them through part of the solution and suggest a full solution -- being the product(s) you've chosen to test.

Minicourses are simple to develop, once you've done one or two - you can whip them off in a matter of a few hours or days.

And here's the best part...

Your minicourse works 24-hours a day, 7-days a week building relationships with future customers for you.

Even more powerful, your minicourse becomes a template allowing you to plug in products or ideas you want to test without spending additional time or money testing them.

So what should your minicourse look like?

Message 1: A clear, even exaggerated, statement of customer desire with a picture of how things will be when the desire is fulfilled. The first installment should create an emotional bond with your reader - sharing his or her want, desire or need.

Message 2: Hit them with the biggest challenge your reader will need to overcome on the way to reaching their goals, include your unique solution with a link to your chosen product as the complete solution they need.

Message 3: The second biggest challenge your reader will need to overcome with your proposed solution...closing with link to the chosen product, giving another benefit statement.

Message 4: Reiterate the desire you are trying to fulfill and include 1 or more testimonials or case study on how your chosen product has filled that desire.

Message 5: Back to another challenge your reader will need to overcome and your solution based on personal experience... again linking to your product to give them the entire solution immediately.

Message 6: Reiterate the original challenge, focus on what benefit of fulfilling their desire and include a benefit laden description of your chosen product, with a call to action.

Message 7: Follow up to minicourse soliciting feedback with a short survey where you can collect information on other minicourse topics, changes to content, and additional product ideas.

You'll need to setup a simple website presenting your minicourse, focusing on it's benefits and a form allowing people to signup.

Get 2-3 of these going, so that you get feedback on multiple ideas or markets.

Be patient.

Once you tap into a consistent pattern of feedback or good results with one product, then you have found the holy grail of making money from your market.

You can now confidently roll out your website, email marketing and publicity campaign to get maximum sales for your product. Remember, you have been building a list of subscribers at the same time which you can now market additional products to as well.

Next time you know what market you want to address, but don't know what to sell them - kick your system into place and let your market tell you what they want.

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Joe Kumar - How Did Joe Kumar Generate Such a Buzz - FORBIDDEN Interview

Special Interview Excerpt


The hype has finally subsided.

The emails have slowed to one or two a week and things are back to normal, but a few weeks ago....

A hurricane hit the internet, I'm betting most of you saw the massive marketing launch.

You couldn't help notice the incredible success Joe Kumar had in getting his product exposed to every living and breathing creature on this earth at least a gazillion times.

The day before official launch of Joe's product, I called him up -- midnight his time -- in Singapore to talk about his new product "30 Days to Online Success"

Joe was nervous - it was his first telephone interview ever and he really didn't know what to expect.

In fact the first 5-minutes he was so excited and pumped about his product launch that he was literally YELLING at me, and most of his words were coming so fast, I couldn't even make out what he was saying.

Not the perfect interview - but anyone THAT passionate about their product is great to talk with.

Now Joe has FORBIDDEN me to release the full interview in audio format, and I do not intend to. But here's an excerpt I thought everyone should hear, it's just too valuable to keep on my hardrive alone.

Enjoy! Did you know... Every issue of this newsletter, for the last year includes a blockbuster interview excerpt from some of the biggest names in online marketing.

If you've missed some of our past POWER Interviews with the experts, then you'll want to hear what Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, Damon Zahariades, Willie Crawford and many others are doing to create, and grow their own Infoproduct Empires. Check out our archives right here...

Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

How are you today Joe?

Joe Kumar [Answer]

I'm good Jeff, I'm stoked about this new project. It's Friday night here and the product goes live on Monday, so it's really cool.

Jeff [Question]

Great, this is the exciting part of the project, you get to cash in all those hard weeks of work and see it go live.

Joe Kumar [Answer]

[Laughs] Yes, exactly.

Jeff [Question]

I've read so many internet marketing related eBooks. I mean I've lost track of how many I've read. You have a very unique approach to helping people get started. I wanted to talk to you about that today, but first, can you just let our listeners know who you are and how you got started on your latest project "30 Days To Online Success"

Joe Kumar [Answer]

OK Jeff, I am 18-years old, I am in Singapore and I'm a full-time student and how I got started with this project - it's my very first project.

Let's rewind back to November 2001, I recognized the potential of the internet to make money online - so lets move forward to February 2003, when I first got the guts to do something about it.

I first thought I would write my own book, but I thought who is going to buy an internet marketing book from someone by the name of Joe Kumar when all of these other experts have dominated this industry.

So I wanted to do something different, something with a panel of experts so I could borrow their credibility. Guys like Mark Joyner.

I first wanted to do all these interviews. So I gave a call to Mark Joyner to talk to him about it and he told me it's been done already.

Mark is a guy that knows ALLOT about USP (Unique Selling Proposition) and he really told me not to do that, it's already been done and you won't make very much money because it's not as unique as it should be.

Later on, I was on a discussion forum, the Warrior's forum and I was kind of upset because Mark told me not to do that.

I saw a post by a guy by the name of Jack Humphry, he went on about a 30-day plan, that's the only thing he wanted answered.

If you are just starting out that's the only thing people want answered. So what would the experts do from day 1 to day 30 if they were just starting out.

At first, I thought this may have already been done.

So I copy and pasted into a text editor and later called Mark back - this time he was all happy, he was stoked, he said that this was a good USP and he sent me an email agreeing to be a participant.

From there I sent out all these emails to other guys, other gurus in the internet marketing industry and many agreed to come on board because it was something unique, something different you know and that's how I got started.

Jeff [Question]

Wow, there are some really good lessons in your introduction The first thing that I caught that you talked about is... You had an idea to bring information to newbies early on, but you didn't just charge ahead and create your product, you tested the idea first. You went to Mark Joyner and asked him about how feasible this idea was

Joe Kumar [Answer]

Basically, I went to Mark trying to get started and he gave me some ideas for products he had that I could sell, but all of them were software and stuff that didn't really work out. He did say if you have any ideas feel free to run them past me - I told him I was 18-years old and just learning and he said he had no problem helping me out. I think the main lesson is don't be afraid to call the experts - they are human beings just like the rest of us, they bleed red just like us. I think many people don't get far in internet marketing because what you know is important but WHO you know is almost as important, maybe even more important. Many people are afraid to contact these people, but don't be they are just normal guys like you and me. Just take action, contact them and everything will be alright.

Jeff [Question]

Absolutely. The second thing I wanted to bring out from your initial statement is that the idea you got came from an online forum - the warrior forum where someone posted "I want a 30-day roadmap, I want a step-by-step guide through this" That's an interesting lesson right there.

Joe Kumar [Answer]

Exactly, I got the idea from the forum, and I immediately emailed the guy and asked if I could use his idea. I think that's what you should do, you should ask permission and don't just use the idea without asking.

Jeff [Question]

Right, it just shows that forums are a super place to find product ideas. So let's move on, I think I understand where you got your original idea - the forum. Now you are a great example of taking a unique approach to a niche market.

Joe Kumar [Answer]

Yes, and applying a unique twist to it. It's very hard to find a niche market of your own, where you can sell some products into. You know, all these experts say find your niche market, but that's very difficult to do, so the next best thing is to go where there is already a market there and put a unique twist to it. Mark told me this, when someone clicks on the order button on your page, they have in the back of their minds is this the best solution for me? So if you are doing stock interviews, there are so many other choices out there, I mean Corey Rudl does that, there are so many guys that sell interviews that many people are giving them away - it's already done. Something unique makes people go to your website and when they consider "Is this the best solution for me" they realize it's the ONLY solution, so you get the order.

EDITOR'S NOTE It's clear, Joe Kumar and Mark Joyner's participation, brought out the best in many internet superstars including: Joe Vitale, Mark himself, Jim Straw, Phil Wiley, Neil Shearing, and many others... The information in Joe's book will cut your learning curve by up to 6-months and give you tips you had never thought of before...take a look here:

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Enjoy the weekend!

Let me know if I can do anything to help with your project.

Jeff Smith


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