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July 11, 2003

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Article Review Edition

Jeff's Article Review...

Welcome back to another Expert Article Review edition

We're into the dog days of summer.

I admit it...

It's tough to stick to ANY kind of schedule this time of year, let alone think about creating or marketing new products, BUT...

That's exactly what you should be using this time for.

Things typically drop off for a few weeks into the end of July, a good time to take a brief vacation, spend some time with your family, but then jump back in and get a head start on a new product or new marketing campaign.

If you want your own best-selling eBook, then today's article will help you. It's called "The First Step To A Best-Selling eBook" by Jim Edwards and David Garfinkel

Here's a few comments, before you jump to the article...

Comment 1: Tell stories

David instantly draws attention to his article by telling a story..."The other day, I was having breakfast with a friend who is a world-famous, best-selling, "bookstore book" author..."

Now tell me that didn't get your attention!

Masterful sales people have understood this one key principal of selling - stories sell!

The first paragraphs of your article need to draw's a few other ways

  • Start with a riveting headline
  • Introduce your topic by asking a compelling question
  • Lead with a controversial statement ("I Quit - And Here's Why...")
  • Use an unrelated but always popular term or concept such as Sex, Money, etc...

If you get their attention in the first lines of your article, you've won half the battle.

Comment 2: "Would you like to know...It's Simple, here's how"

This one phrase has introduced an incredible number of successful articles, sales letters, ads, and direct mail pieces.

Of COURSE you want the answer to your most compelling question.

Of COURSE you love it when it's simple

Of COURSE we all want to find a quick and simple method to achieve what we so badly want.

You can't miss by introducing your "How To" information using this wording.

Comment 3: Place your link or ads in the body

We've seen this before on articles I've included -- including a link or ad in the body of your article is far more effective than just relying on the resource box that follows the article

It's pretty hard to ignore it when it's right in your face.

Comment 4: Use examples, case studies, real life experiences

It's SO important to use examples when you write your articles -- for more reasons than you might think:

  • It gives you instant credibility which will translate into trust and sales
  • It helps get your message across. Many people will not "get" your message, but if they see examples, they WILL get it.
  • People related to other people. It's way of telling them without "telling" them. Most of us don't want to be lectured to -- BUT we DO want to know.

This article is as good an example of an excellent written article as you will get

What do you think?

Give it a read, let me know your thoughts

Enjoy the article!

Thanks for reading.


Today's Power-Packed Article



by David Garfinkel

(c) David Garfinkel - All Rights reserved

Why do some ebooks sell off the charts, while other ones can barely get off the ground?

You'd be surprised.

The other day, I was having breakfast with a friend who is a world-famous, best-selling "bookstore book" author. I asked him, "Hey - how's your ebook doing?"

His answer: "I've... sold... four."

We talked for a little while about what he was doing. I saw his problem - he was applying his success formula for "bookstore books" to ebooks. And it wasn't working very well on the 'Net.

I told him, "People don't buy ebooks to stimulate their minds or indulge their imaginations. Harry Potter would never make it as an ebook. Authors you see on Larry King or Oprah don't write the kind of books that sell well as digital products on the Net. If he were alive and writing today, even Ernest Hemingway would fall short."

Me, I'm what you would call a best-selling ebook author. But, unlike the New York Times bestselling authors, I don't write any groundbreaking, "brilliant" material to sell on the Web.

What I write is intensely *practical* -- simple, step-by- step, problem-solving, time-saving stuff. With ebooks like that, my sales really do go off the charts.

Now you might accuse me of bragging. But now that I have your attention, how would you like to know my secret for a bestselling ebook?

It's simple.

The ebook must...

1) make a big promise

2) to solve a major, nagging problem

3) for a rabid market.

Never mind the naysayers - sharp Internet marketers are
making good money with ebooks! (We're talking BIG bucks.)
Now, for the first time, an authoritative online manual
lays out ALL the details of how to do it. To find out more,
visit =>

To show you what I mean, here are three examples of ebook ideas.

First, a lame example:

An ebook on creating a more pleasant living environment for yourself by choosing the right wall hangings. This could possibly work as a bookstore book, but it's a TERRIBLE idea for a bestselling ebook.

Why? Because there just isn't a large, rabid group of people laying awake at night, tossing and turning, tortured with the thought, "If only I had the right paintings and tapestries on my walls, then my life would be perfect."

Now, let's move on and look at an OK example:

An ebook on keeping an old junker going without spending a lot of money. This is "OK" because there are always a lot of people who have old, broken-down cars and need to keep them going without putting tons of money into repairs. This problem really does keep them awake at night.

Why is this only an "OK" idea?

Because even though it would make sense from your point of view for these people to spend $19 or $29 on your ebook to save hundreds of dollars in repairs, they are probably watching their pennies and won't be super-likely to buy your ebook.

Sure, they should.

But that doesn't mean they will.

Finally, an excellent example:

An ebook on a how to save A LOT of money selling your own house without using a real estate agent, thus holding onto thousands of dollars you would have otherwise paid in commissions.

This is an "excellent" ebook idea because in America, one in five people move every year - so there's a large market. They're "rabid" because many of them really resent paying real estate agents a large commission, and that commission is a major, annoying problem for these people.

By the way, I have a friend who wrote such a book, and the sales of his ebook have given him and his wife enough money to cover their own mortgage and two car payments every month for several years.

I'd call that a best-seller -- wouldn't you? :)

So, to wrap up, before you dive into your new ebook, ask yourself these three questions:

1. Who is my Rabid Market?

2. What is my Big Promise?

3. What Major, Nagging Problem does it solve?

Answer those questions, and you're well on your way to creating a best-selling ebook on the Internet!


David Garfinkel is a leading Web sales copywriter who helps authors market and sell ebooks. He is co-author of "eBook Secrets Exposed: How to Make MASSIVE Amounts of Money In Record Time With Your Own eBook (Whether You Wrote It Or Not!)" For more information, visit:


Have a super weekend, feel free to drop me a line.

I'll see you in a week with the next full issue of "Online Marketing Success Secrets Revealed!"

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Have a super weekend!

Jeff Smith


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