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July 04, 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Are You Making These Mistakes With                                 Your Affiliate Program?" - Jeff Smith

3. Usable News -     - Yanik Silver's New 1,000+ Page Product

                                - Four New, Complimentary, Powerful Special Reports

                                - Mastering the Search Engines - Great Site!

                                - Do You Have Spyware on Your PC?

                                - TIP: How To Keep Google From Indexing Pages

                                - Google 2.0 Toolbar Just Released

4. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

HAPPY Fourth of July!
HAPPY Belated Canada Day!

Don't worry - this will be a brief issue, I know many of you have lots on the go for the holidays.

No interview this week, but a very useful feature article I wrote titled "Little Known Affiliate Program Success Secrets"

You missed it!

At least a few thousand of you missed it - others joined in and heard 5 successful infoproduct developers share all of their techniques for over 2 HOURS!!

You heard right...

The teleseminar was scheduled to go 60-minutes, but the questions just kept coming and we ended up going over 2-hours - covering topics such as:

- How to create non-internet marketing related products
- How to start your own limited license resell program
- How to get your products created super fast - in 3-hours or less!
- What should you be doing to protect your products?
- What topics are hot sellers.
- How to find and get the most from super affiliates
- How to use infoproducts to market your other businesses
- One simple technique that will ALWAYS lead to high-value infoproducts
- And much, much more....

Without hyping the information - you would normally have to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to access this type of information.

For a limited time only, you can still access the full transcript and audio recording of the call at this extra special price right here:

Now, on to today's holiday edition - see you next week with an all new Expert Article Review!

Enjoy and stay safe.


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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Affiliate Program?

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

You spend a few weeks putting together, or finding your product - now you can sit back while your own ARMY of eager sales people drive sales and fill your bank account.

Sound about right?

It can happen to you.

You really can develop an online business where the vast majority of your sales come from others who are eager to share your product with their customers and subscribers.

Unfortunately 95% of the affiliate programs out there don't follow the success patterns and they pay the price -- no sales, inactive affiliates, lots of administration.

Here's the truth about average affiliate programs...

1. On average, 5% of your affiliates will be active -- which means 95% will NEVER generate ANY traffic or sales.
2. Less than 2% will be SUPER affiliates which will drive BIG sales
3. For most affiliate programs - less than 1% will stay with you over 6-months

But wait...

There are some set principles you can follow to make your affiliate program a massive success -- and when you do -- you really can sit back and enjoy the incredible results.

Try these now.

Success Tip 1. Arm Yourself With Affiliate Tracking Software

There are quite a few options out there.

What you need is a system that allows affiliates to sign up, see their statistics (hits, repeat hits, returns, sales, commissions, payment status, etc...)

You want a system where all of this is automated, that you can use to offer multiple products, that you can customize commissions (for special joint venture endorsements) and that you can track commissions to be paid and those that have been paid.

Based on personal experience, my preferences are either...

Ultimate Affiliate Software - $200


AssocTrac - $677

There are also programs where you pay a monthly fee, but generally these require you to pay out over 15% of each sale -- OK if you only make a few sales each month, but if you bank on being successful, you'll want your own software.

Success Tip 2: Actively Pursue Super Affiliates

Massive success with affiliate programs depends on you seeking out "super affiliates"

You have something great to offer webmasters, business owners, ezine publishers -- they just don't know it yet.

Approach them with partnership in mind - open the door by complimenting their business, send an offer they can't refuse and follow up to maintain the relationship.

Use tools like the toolbar from to help find sites that have a good supply of traffic.

Every market has a buying cycle.

Determine where your product fits in the buying cycle, and approach related websites, ezine publishers.

For example, you have a book on computer security. Who might you target?

Sites that deal with computer software, PC support, PC utilities, computer games, DSL (which creates a more vulnerable "always on" connection to your PC)

Success Tip 3: Make Sure Your Product Has A PSP!

What's your Powerful Selling Proposition?

If you had to write one sentence describing the ultimate benefit of your product - what would it be?

For example...For the security book -- "This Secure Your PC Book will make Bulletproofing Your PC as simple as Turning It on!"

If you don't have a PSP - you better get one RIGHT NOW!!

The Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package can help you create or fine-tune your products to attract massive demand...

Not only does the fate of your affiliate program depend on this - so does your entire online marketing success.

Success Tip 4: Your Affiliates Are People To

It's to easy to sign up hundreds, even thousands of affiliates and look at them as numbers or JUST names.

Make your affiliate program stand out by contacting your affiliates - personally, either via personal email, telephone, or regular newsletter.

Help them be more successful with their affiliate marketing.

Yanik Silver has written the book on nurturing his affiliates -- his main success for...

Another master of affiliate follow up is Marlon Sanders of...

Success Tip 5: Continue To Improve Your Business

To keep your most successful affiliates, you'll want to keep providing new products for them to earn money with.

They can only market a single product to their lists so often -- if you have more products coming through your pipeline, you'll find those affiliates will stay with you and work with you to a greater extent.

In addition - plan your price points and margins for your products with affiliate marketing in mind.

Can you turn your $27 eBook into a $67 course?

How about a $197 multimedia course?

Many super affiliates will not even LOOK at a product unless it sells for at least $50 and they get 45%+ of that product.

This does depend on the market, but the principle holds true -- higher payouts will motivate super affiliates to be more active, longer.

Don't underestimate the power of affiliate programs.

Joint ventures and affiliate programs go hand-in-hand.

These two ADVANCED marketing techniques can easily mean the difference between struggling online to making a very good living online.

Now you know how!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Use This Article With Your Affiliate Link!

Please feel free to use this article in it's entirety in your online or offline publication - the only requirement is that you use the following resource box following your article: (Note, sign up for our affiliate program at: and substitute your own affiliate link into the resource box):

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USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

** Yanik Silver - Advertising Bible Product Release

Yanik Silver, with the help of two very capable apprentices, released a new product this week - billed as "The Greatest Gold Mine of Advertising Copy Ever Crammed Into One Product..." it doesn't disappoint.

Building on "Autoresponder Magic" and "Million Dollar Sales Letters" this MASSIVE manual (over 1,000 pages) has some real gems.

If you want emails that sell, web sites that captivate, ads that generate great gobs of orders - then this is the product for you.

** Four New, Complimentary, Powerful Special Reports


"5 Ways To Create eBooks and Special Reports Without Adobe Acrobat"

"7 Hidden Psychological Secrets to MAXIMUM Sales"

"33 Days To Online Profits - Video Enhanced eBook Tutorial"

"How To Use Simple Surveys To Create Best-Selling eBook and Info-Products"

You can get them all on our new Marketing Resources Page right here...

** Mastering the Search Engines - Great Site!

All things search engines are covered in a well-organized, simple and very effective way at Marketleap.

Use their keyword verification tool, link popularity check search engine saturation service and tons of information on techniques you can use to optimize your sites for maximum visibility on the search engines.

You'll find this great search engine resource right here:

**Do you have Spyware on Your PC?

You may be amazed what's on your PC - one of the best Spyware detector and removers on the market - and it's no charge.

**TIP: How To Keep Google From Indexing Certain Pages

There are cases where you don't want Google to index your pages - such as private pages or download URL's

To signal Google to NOT index a page, you simply need to include the following code in the "HEAD" section of your website.

(meta name = "robots" content = "noindex")

**Google 2.0 Toolbar Just Released

Release 2.0 is out - the attack on Popups continues.

With the Alexa and Google toolbars now providing flashy block Popup functionality - you no longer can rely on popups as a method of advertising.

If you attract subscribers through popups, make sure you have additional methods of signup built into all of your pages - we are rapidly approaching 50% popup blocking which will affect your marketing!


Have a great holiday weekend.

Let me know if I can do anything to help with your project.

Jeff Smith


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Jeff Smith
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