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February 28, 2003

(c)Copyright Jeff Smith 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Subscriber Spotlight - "Reader Responses To Bill"

3. Feature Article - "How To Earn A Fortune Giving People                                What They Want" - Jeff Smith

4. Sit Down with the Experts -
                            "How To Write Your Own 20-Page Special Report
                              In Less Than 30 Days - Interview Excerpt"

5. Usable News - Latest Infoproduct News

6. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Welcome back. We've had a ton of new subscribers this week and of course, I want to thank our loyal readers for joining me on this journey toward infoproduct profits.

Response to our Reader's Spotlight has been top notch this last two weeks - you'll see some of the better contributions included in this issue.

Be sure to get exposure for you or your business by sharing your story, questions or comments with our family.

This weeks RANT!

Is it just me, or do 90% of the people producing infoproducts have some SERIOUS trouble getting to the point?

I've read a few eBooks this week, attended some teleseminars - one of which was paid, and they ALL suffered from "Too Much Useless Information Itis!"

Enough already!

Give me the "how" when you're covering a topic. Don't tell me "what" to do - I can find that anywhere.

Tell me what works, and exactly how you did it - that's the value of me giving up my time and money to hear what you have to say.

I've lost many hours of my life reading and listening to useless information this week - 1.5 hours to get to 10-minutes of the real good stuff. How about just giving me the 10-minutes?

Not sure about you - but I would pay EXTRA if I could get exactly what I was looking for in 10-minutes instead of having to wade through the crap for hours.

This week's feature article is titled, "How To Earn A Fortune Giving People What They Want" - you can guess what triggered this article :-) And you'll want to see this week's interview excerpt on developing short, high-value special reports.

Wishing you a happy and successful week...



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Today's Spotlight is on Bill Silcox

Here's today's responses to Bill's original question on writing an eBook to help people get the best value on their mattress purchase.

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Thanks to everyone for their response. Have a response for Bill? Have your own profile to share or your own question you'd like to put in front of 4,000+ subscribers?

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I sure could have used some info like that last year when we bought new mattresses for our new home! I felt like I was in a bad used car lot every time I walked into a bedding store--and all the names were different in each store, so you couldn't make any comparisons. I hated the whole process and I feel like I probably got gypped even if I am happy with the product!



I would like to offer my two cents worth on the discussion raised by Bill.

I have two eLearning sites - and When I started creating eBooks I thought that finding a market for my eBooks would be difficult since there are lots of sites which offer free computer help. I found that some sites offered tips for free while some charged exhorbitant amounts for the same information.

My main problem thus was not what to write, but how to present the information in a way that would make my product more useful to my target market. My first site helped me get in touch with my target market discover what kind of courses my visitors were interested in. As a result of the survey, I started where we create courses on request. My eCourses have both text and video tutorials (to help learners with different learning styles) and are flexible so that they can join at any time. In addition to this, I offer them help from an online tutor for the duration of the course, which makes the eCourse more like a one to one class. This helps me get direct feedback from the students on what they want and the information is shared with the rest of the students.

Bill, I think has it much more easier - there are comparitively less sites which give information on selecting mattresses. Even the sites that do offer this info, may not have experts giving advice (Bill himself says that some of the info is not good). If I were a internet surfer looking for info to buy a new bed, I might be satisfied if I get a few articles and tips on this, but I would be delighted if I could get ALL the information in one area and that too from someone who "knows the ropes". In addition to this, Bill could offer some free tips on his site (to create interest in his eBook) and also have a feedback form where his visitors could send in their questions.

Hope this helps, Jeff :-) I would like to know what your other subscribers think of my message.

Pooja Srinivas

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Write an outline. Write a sales letter for a book with that outline. Ifyou can not find why people should buy, do not write the book. Remember "Do unto others as ye would have them do unto you." Would YOU spend money on a book with this outline?


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Jeff's Response:

Bill you are definitely on the right track with focusing on what you know and what you enjoy doing - you know beds and obviously you have an interest in helping people find the best product going.

That's half the battle, the other half is matching up your knowledge with market demand. Common demand motivators include saving money, saving time, reducing pain, gaining pleasure, or having fun. I think a few of these apply.

You could begin to test the concept of "How To Save $X on your mattress investment - Insider Secrets" or you could focus on an aspect of back health with respect to mattresses - there's likely a ton of medical information on this out there that you could compile, using your own words, into a high demand package.

I believe you have a solid potential product idea, an addressable market and good niche market - you just need to refine the exact emotion you want to hit with your topic.

PS - consider today's interview with Damon Zahariades on how you can package your knowledge into a 20-30 page Special Report, which may be appropriate for your subject and would be much quicker to develop.


Have a response for Bill? Have your own profile to share or your own question you'd like to put in front of 4,000+ subscribers?

Come up with a couple of paragraphs and send them to us here: with the subject "Subscriber Spotlight"

I'll do my best to publish your comments along with your contact information in an upcoming issue.


How To Earn A Fortune By Giving People What They Want

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

In 10+ years of educating myself about topics such as personal development, marketing, sales, internet marketing, product development - I've depended ALLOT on learning from others.

In that time I could literally count on my two hands the number of products that REALLY impressed me by getting right to the point and delivering as advertised.

Tens of thousands of books, seminars, workshops, newsletters,magazines...

And less than 10 times I could think of where I've been "taught" what I wanted in a purely efficient and content- rich way.

How about you?

How much time have you wasted wading through the forest looking for a branch of knowledge in total frustration?

Like anything else, where there's a problem, there's an opportunity.

Understand what value your knowledge provides to your customers, deliver it quickly, and you can rake in the profits, make a massive difference in people's lives and set yourself aside from 90% of your competition.

So how do you improve the value of your products?

First, make sure you know exactly what your market wants.

90% of low performing products suffer from 2 factors - the developer doesn't understand what their customers want or they don't have enough experience in their topic to provide real value.

If you don't know the real reason why your customers badly want what you have to offer - FIND OUT NOW!

This is why I often recommend people write their sales letters, web pages, press releases BEFORE developing their products. It's the moment of truth, where the rubber meets the road, so to say.

If you want more information on how to find exactly what your customers want - then you'll find 40 techniques you can use today here:

Second, don't rely on flash or personality alone.

I see allot of people saying that you can develop your own product, newsletter, etc.. with JUST personality.

Personality is important - it's what creates loyalty, it's how you get attention, but personality is most effective if it helps communicate what your market wants to have to provide value.

Third, maintain focus.

Once you know what people want badly, then focus every aspect of your product on delivering information that will help them achieve their goals.

Be vicious with your editing. It's better to free flow your development of a product, that's ok. But when it comes time to edit your work, constantly ask yourself the question..."Will this help customer X achieve the desire that triggered their purchase of your work?"

Fourth: Less is More

Don't litter your products with extra features, extra information - consider several smaller products rather than one all encompassing product.

For instance, if you are developing infproducts, consider a 20-page Special Report, a Summary Tip Sheet, a 15-minute Interview as alternatives to a 300 page eBook with 20-pages of useful information.

Look at master marketer Joe Vitale offering highly focused eCourses for thousands of dollars - people are willing to pay big money for rich information that gets to the point.

Can you help your customer using a 20-page Special report, a 15-minute recorded interview, and a 20-minute teleconference?

Each day we've got more information to process, more products to consider.

Keeping yours simple, focused on solving high-demand wants, rich in content and easily consumable your customers will reward you with dollars and success stories.


Please feel free to use this article in it's entirety in your online or offline publication - the only requirement is that you use the following resource box following your article: (Note, sign up for our affiliate program at: and substitute your own affiliate link into the resource box):

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Damon Zahariades - "How To Create Your Own Hot Selling 20-Page Special Report in 30-Days or Less"

Special Interview Excerpt


Continuing on the topic of "Profiting from Getting to the Point!" Damon Zahariades, author of "The Special Report Bible" gives you everything you ever wanted to know about quickly developing your own hot selling 20-30 page special reports.

I had the pleasure to speak with Damon for almost an hour on the topic of how simple it really can be to package your knowledge into small, highly focused Special Reports and quickly build yourself a substantial online income.

Here's an excerpt on how just 1 20-page Special Report can take you less than 30-days to develop but offer you a full time income opportunity on the internet extremely quickly.

If you missed the last few powerful interview segments with Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, and Willie Crawford then you can find them in our new online newsletter archive available at:

Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

I asked Damon about typical development times for profitable Special Reports. For someone like yourself, how long would it take to develop your very own Special Report and begin to take orders and collect profits?

Damon [Answer]

...realistically, if your listeners set a schedule for themselves, you know if they tell themselves, look, I'm going to write 300 words a day - that's not much and is very feasible for most people, even those people who don't think they can write well.

300 words a day for 30 days. At the end of that month, you are going to have 9000 words. Well at 350 words per page, you're looking at a 25-page Special Report.

So in 1-month, you've created a product and if it's good, you can sell it. So you do that one month, then take a month off, do it again, take a month off, and so on...

At the end of the year, you'll have 6 products you can sell for $20 or even more, depending on how specific the information you've included and you're going to have all those products developing income streams for you.

Jeff [Question]

Yes, and there are several TOP GUNS in this industry making a very substantial income based on 5 or 6 products.

Damon [Answer]

Exactly, some of your listeners may know who Dr. Jeffrey Lant is. This guy has a stable of over 240 Special Reports and they were each only 5-pages long and they each pulled in $7, he made ALLOT of money from those reports and any of your listeners can do the exact same thing.

Jeff [Question]

Interesting. I would also like to ask you, Damon, about extending Information Products into other formats. So you have written a 20-30 page Special Report on Pay-Per-Click search engines, just as an example. You've written about how to master Overture and Google Adwords PPC search engines, what else can you do with that information after you have finished that?

Damon [Answer]

There are allot of opportunities out there, and to be quite honest I haven't even used many of them myself.

Let's say you have a Special Report on how to succeed on marketing with campaign, or a Pay-Per-Click search engine campaign if you want to be more generic.

Once that Special Report is nailed down, you can put it into interview format, you can get someone on the phone like you and I are doing right now, do an interview with them and sell it.

You could even....Today it's so easy to put something on CD, you could put something on CD, add maybe a few audio or video bonuses and send that out to your customers.

Whereas refund rates are somewhat higher for digital products, they are much lower for physical products, so you can deliver digital content on a CD and your refund rates will go way down because they have a physical product in their hands.

Jeff [Question]

Absolutely. There are different methods and areas you can market those physical products as well, offline methods that you can now use.

Damon [Answer]

Yes, that's a great idea you have, you can certainly do that.

For me, as I mentioned, my latest product is in development.

It will be sold through .pdf (Adobe) eBook format, but to be honest, things change quickly.

For example, let's look at the broadband market (ADSL, Cable Modems), 5 years ago, most people did not have broadband.

These days, though the market has not been saturated with broadband access, I've got friends, for example Chayden Bates, just sent me an email saying "Hey, take a look at this movie trailer over here."

The broadband movement has changed the market, now things are available and possible that 5-years ago weren't. My point in bringing this up is that, in 2-years from now things will be possible that today are unimaginable.

Even thought I don't have plans to blow out my products in anything other than .pdf eBooks, in 6-months, things may change dramatically. I always keep my ear to the pavement on this topic.

Jeff [Question]

Yes, and what's really exciting about this is that you've spent time - let's use the example of 1-month we used before - you've put your nose to the grindstone, written that 300 words a day, got your own special report at the end of the 30-days, your future is unlimited. You've got your special report and you can translate that into interviews, you can do teleseminars - there's various online sites that let you setup conferencing services that allows you to automatically record it, you can translate that into your own audio product. And as you mentioned the technology keeps progressing, there are a potentially unlimited number of formats as users get access to higher bandwidth.

Editor's Note:

As Damon mentions in this interview, you can get your very own special report out in less than 30-days, sell it for $20 or more and spinoff numerous other products within weeks that will have you earning a full time income on the internet in no time.

Check out Damon's Special Report Bible to find out how others are using his formula for success to make big money on the internet....


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USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

** Link Yourself Silly - Alexa Linking Tip

I've mentioned Alexa as a great tool for determining relative popularity for your own, and other sites on the internet. You should also make sure you put related sites (your own if you have more than one site) in as "recommended other" sites that show up on popular browsers - here's where you can recommend other sites be related to your own...


Hope you enjoyed this issue.

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