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February 20, 2003

Your Guide To Making Your Own Personal Fortune Online

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2. Need Your Input on New Concept In Lead Generation

3. Subscriber Spotlight - Bill Silcox, Last Chance To Respond


Have two weeks gone by already?

Nope, sorry to mess with your schedule, I know many of you plan your lives around the bi-weekly relase of this newsletter :-)

But I had two things I wanted to get to you FAST and I think you will be happy to receive this now instead of in next week's issue.


I want to give you my latest audio interview - 40 minutes of PURE GOLD information with master online marketer Joe Vitale!

For those of you who have not heard of Joe, he's one of the most successful infoproduct developers and marketers ON THIS PLANET today.

You can find out how he creates one hot selling product after another - absolutely free by going to his site at:

Notice the popup, by signing up to Joe's terrific newsletter, you get this incredible interview as a giveaway.

Joe's newsletter is great, and you can always cancel if you don't want it - but you get to keep the interview.

I'm also hugely humbled by the fact that Joe thought so much of the Ultimate Information Entrepreneur's Success Package, he's highlighted at the top of his most highly recommended products - that's a HUGE honour for me, not to mention a nice benefit in the sales department.

You can see it front and center right here...

See you next week for the Friday edition!


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NEED YOUR HELP - New Concept In Lead Generation

If you are like me, you are constantly on the lookout for new methods of bringing quality visitors to your site - that's the life breath of our business.

A car doesn't run without gas?

We can't live without water?

Walmart doesn't earn billions without a TON of targeted buyers walking through their doors everyday.

Online businesses are the same.

Unfortunately there isn't just one simple gas station we can goto to "fill up" with top quality leads. Wouldn't that be great!!

Instead there are many systems you need to put in place to generate a flood of eager buyers to your site.

Articles, search engines, pay-per-click engines, joint ventures, ezine ads all work - but most of those take time and or money.

Here's a concept in lead generation I haven't come across before and I would like to get your opinion on it. Try it out - there's no investment required - and let me know if it's working for you.


I'll be giving it a try and will report back in a few weeks with the results.

Worth a try - what have you got to lose?




Responses to Bill's Spotlight in the last issue are flooding in - I'll be publishing as many as I can in next week's issue.

It's not too late to give your own response or post your own Spotlight entry or question in front of our 4000+ terrific subscribers.

Here's a reminder of Bill's spotlight post from last week.

Simply email a response or your own profile/question to: with the subject "Subscriber Spotlight" and we'll fit you into a future issue. Be sure to include your web link to get some extra publicity.


Today's Spotlight is on Bill Silcox

Hi Jeff,

I've already got a retail web site ( ) but I've been kicking around the idea for an ebook and would like to know what you and your readers think.

In my "Day Job" I manage a retail bedding store. I'll keep the brand to myself as I don't want this to appear as a shameless ad. I've got nearly 10 years experience in the mattress business and know how confusing it can be for consumers when they're mattress shopping. I've been thinking about writing a book to help people make the right choices the right way!

The only thing that concerns me is that there are already a ton of free resources (many of them not too good) out there. So, what say you? Is this worth a go? Thanks for your time and response.

Bill Silcox

My Uncle Buck
"From the best craftsmen in the world for
the finest home in the world . . . Yours!! "

Jeff's Response:

Bill you are definitely on the right track with focusing on what you know and what you enjoy doing - you know beds and obviously you have an interest in helping people find the best product going.

That's half the battle, the other half is matching up your knowledge with market demand. Common demand motivators include saving money, saving time, reducing pain, gaining pleasure, or having fun. I think a few of these apply.

You could begin to test the concept of "How To Save $X on your mattress investment - Insider Secrets" or you could focus on an aspect of back health with respect to mattresses - there's likely a ton of medical information on this out there that you could compile, using your own words, into a high demand package.

I believe you have a solid potential product idea, an addressable market and good niche market - you just need to refine the exact emotion you want to hit with your topic.


Have a response for Bill? Have your own profile to share or your own question you'd like to put in front of 4,000+ subscribers?

Come up with a couple of paragraphs and send them to us here: with the subject "Subscriber Spotlight"

I'll do my best to publish your comments along with your contact information in an upcoming issue.

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Hopefully everyone listens to the incredible Joe Vitale interview - there will be a test in the next issue :))

Feel free to drop me a line, and have a super week!

You can always reach me here:

Jeff Smith


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