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December 05, 2003

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     "Inofproduct Secrets You Can Learn From Larry King!
     - Jeff Smith


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Update From Jeff

Hello and welcome to all!

Hope your week has been a happy and productive one.

This issue is going to be especially interesting to those of you who like to play detective.

We all have a little "journalist" in us.

Investigation, unraveling secrets, uncovering truths and untruths, finding out the "real" answer to questions brings out the voyeur in all of us.

I was kicking back watching Larry King a few nights ago and got to thinking - here is the ultiimate kid in a candy store.

He is incredibly popular, yet does virtually no preparation before his interviews or discussions.

Most other journalists discover first and then setup their interviews to bring out what they already know.

Larry, he discovers WHILE he interviews.

What does this have to do with infoproducts?

Well, the most interesting, informative and entertaining information products have been those where the writer is investigating WHILE he writes the book.

Could be an interview, a researched piece or an ebook based on personal experience.

Bottom line is, when you are learning ANYTHING new, write it down. Jot down the funny, amazing, mundane, struggles, how you feel, how it ended up.

Today's feature article lets you in on a few secrets used by Larry King that you can apply to your infoproduct creation to make it much more effective.

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See you in two weeks!


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Infoproduct Success Secrets From Larry King!

by Jeff Smith

Can you think of a news jouranlist that is better known these days?

I don't mean a news anchor, I mean new journalist.

And get this, Larry King does virtually no preperation for his interviews, doesn't spend time pre-scripting his interviews, nor does he research the crap out of his subjects --

That's the secret to his success.

You'll see how you can use his trade secrets to rapidly turn your infoproducts into best-sellers fast.

Think about it. You see your favorite actress Jennifer Aniston is on Larry King - YOU are his target market.

First, his producers are exceptionally good at understanding their market and what they want to know, who they want to know about.

Second, Larry King understands his audience. He understands that people want to explore the interview NOT sit and watch pre-scripted, researched information about the topic.

So, Larry starts out by asking the same, basic questions to almost every guest --

"So how have you been since we last talked X years ago?"
"How have you been and what's new in your life?"
"You have a new project, tell us about it?"

Each question leads to information that leads to more questions from Larry - as he free wheels his way through 30-60 minutes of very basic questions providing terrific information and entertainment.

Here's why this is important to your next infoproduct!

1. Know your audience and know what they want information about.

2. Think like your customer, what basic information do they want to hear.

3. Take your customer through a journey, learning as much about the topic, step-by-step, as you can accomplish.

4. Develop your product in a conversational tone. Think like you are talking to someone, telling a friend about your topic. That's why I like to use interview format, even if the product I am selling is not an interview. You can still package the responses in terms of a book, video, audio, or ebook.

5. Be entertaining as well as informational. Add in stories, scenarios, case studies, a funny story, a joke - as long as it relates to the topic at hand.

Use these tips to take the pain and suffering out of creating your own income-generating infoproducts.

Here's a rough formula to follow creating your own infoproducts:

1. 10-15 questions will give you a great 40-45 minute audio product or a super-selling 40-minute DVD video.

2. 60-80 questions will give you a terrific eBook or full sized book.

3. 5-6 urgent questions will result in a top notch 20-page special report.

4. Bundle a few of these products and you have the potential for a course, workshop or seminar that can sell for well over $100.

So - ask yourself, can you be Larry King for an hour? Who wouldn't want to be. At the end, you'll have yourself a product to sell for months/years to come.

Questions are the key to successful information products. Think like a journalist and you'll be creating your own infoproduct empire in no time flat!

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Have a wonderful weekend!

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As always - if you have any questions, let me know.

Jeff Smith


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