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August 15, 2003

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Update From Jeff

Hello again everyone, and welcome to all of our new subscribers.

Blackout 2003!

After 20 hours of no power, mayham in our city and a few days intermittant email service, things are finally starting to return to normal.

Have to admit, a day away from everything electronic was somewhat refreshing - call it a forced vacation.

But it does freak you out a little how dependent on electricity our society has become.

Back and refreshed, I've done an ever increasing amount of consulting with customers in the last month.

These sessions are VERY interesting to discover patterns - where people are doing well and where they are struggling.

Here's the two things I think you will be interested in hearing....

1. Almost everyone assumes people will come looking for their product online - WRONG!

In reality - people search for information online, and it's your job to make sure that sometime between their first search and the end of their search - they a) Get what they are looking for and b) They are exposed to your product.

2. Everyone tends to think about keywords AFTER have developed or selected a product to sell online, designed sales page, designed website, etc...

If you have the chance, think about your keywords BEFORE you develop your product, sales letters, positioning, etc...

Reality is - and yes, it took me a while to learn this - is that you need to know what people are looking for FIRST, then find or develop products to meet that demand.

Doing the opposite will almost guarantee abismal results.

Here's the best tool I've seen this year - because it INSTANTLY helps you uncover hidden secret pockets of demand, helps guide your marketing campaign and will make your success online far more likely...

Keyword Analyzer:

Lots of great content for you today.

Feature article delves into how you can use KEYWORDS to increase your online profits.

In the interest of keeping these newsletters shorter, and more readable - I will now be separating out the expert interviews onto their own.

Early next week - you'll see my latest expert interview with the successful author of "Instant JVLetters", a book that is making quite an impact online.

You can see it right here:

Enjoy and thanks for reading.


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Stop Fumbling Around In the Dark! Get Qualified Traffic Now.

by Jeff Smith

If you had to take a stress test right now - while someone asks you how effective you are at selling a product online?

Would you show moderate frustration?

Register an "above average" score on the liklihood you will strangle the next person who mentions getting rich online?

Or are you ready to pull the plug on the who freaking thing, and start your own meat carving business?

You want to sell a product online, and everyone wants to tell you HOW to sell a product online....BUT....

What they DON'T tell you is that it all depends on 2 simple factors -- knowing what people want to buy AND what they search for when they are looking.

Listen: it's taken me over 1-year to learn the TRUE meaning of this one single word.

Everyone say KEYWORD.

Say it again -- KEYWORD.

Ok, with that out of our systems, let's look at the way that keywords can make your life simpler, massively increase your ability to sell products online AND...provide a formula you can repeat again and again -- until you're tired of making money.

KEYWORD Tip #1: Your Product Idea

Keywords tell you what people search for on the internet. Lots of searches for information means you can mine those areas and discover urgent demand leading to best-selling products.

Study keyword combinations, discover demand and supply ratios -- made faster with a tool like Adword Analyzer -- ( and you will have a window into product demand online.

KEYWORD Tip #2: Product Names and Titles That Sell

You know what people are looking for with keywords.

Figure out WHY they are using the keywords and you have the perfect high-demand title that will sell you a ton of products.

KEYWORD Tip #3 Sales Pages That Sell Products Online

Your sales page is only converting 1 in 1,000 visitors into buyers?

Usually two main reasons - your copy sucks, or you are attracting the wrong people to your website.

Guess what?

Either way - KEYWORDS come to the rescue.

Optimize your site for keywords that make sense for your product or service. Don't go general here, get really specific -- you want less traffic but more sales, not a TON of traffic and virtually no sales.

Here's a little known secret.

People look for information online - they don't look for products.

So - what you need to do is attract your visitors with content, the content they are looking for AND THEN have links and a menu that lead them to your product sites which convert visitors into buyers.

If you need some help converting visitors to customers, then here's one of the best sales writing solutions I have found...

KEYWORD Tip #4: Keywords Help You Find Super Affiliates

Super affiliates now generate over 60% of my product sales online, they work while I play.

When you arm yourself with the list of most popular keywords your most qualified visitors use to find information related to your products -- you can use that information to form SUPER affiliate joint ventures which will let you sit back and watch the money roll in.

Seek out those sites that are performing best and optimized best for your target market's most searched keywords - then make really good friends FAST!

Because they can make you a truckload of sales in next to no time.

KEYWORD Tip #5 It's the ONLY Thing We Really Know About Online.

Keywords don't lie.

The fact that "travel book" gets roughly double the searches as "travel information" tells you exactly how people are searching for your information (assuming you've written a travel book)

When it comes right down to it - the comings and goings of people on the internet is far from an exact science, no matter what the "guru's" tell you.

But...KEYWORDS put you back in the driver seat, give you the tools to sell products online and bring your stress level down to a level where you may not even know who you are anymore.

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Have a terrific weekend

Always look forward to hearing your feedback!

Jeff Smith


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