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April 25, 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "Turning Visitors Into Eager Customers:,                                 5 Powerful Online Persuasion Techniques - J. Smith

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4. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Welcome to all our new subscribers this week and hello again to all of your returning.

I'm completely AWE-INSPIRED this week!

I've attended the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

I paid over $100 a ticket to see The "Boss" perform here in Ottawa - it's been 22 years and at 53 he offers up the best concert's I've ever seen!

Bruce Springsteen (aka the "Boss") had 18,500+ people fight to pay over $100 each to see his show.

Tickets sold out in less than 40-minutes!

That's more than 450 tickets sold each minute, more than 7-tickets sold every second!


I was amazed at the incredible performance, but as a curious marketer, I was just as interested in what makes Bruce such a phenomenon.

Here's what I came up with...

1. He works HARD! 3-hour shows are his standard 2. He works his USP - Simple, straight ahead rock and roll aimed at the working man 3. He makes sure people KNOW he works hard 4. He's consistent and works his plan, his main message, music and concerts have not changed much in the last 20+ years. People know what they will get when they go to a Springsteen concert. 5. He prices his work based on what people are willing to pay, not on what others charge for concerts. 6. He walks the walk. He knows what his market wants and he works hard to deliver it again and again.

A few names in internet marketing come to mind when I apply the "Boss" criteria.

How about:

Yanik Silver:

Marlon Sanders

Terry Dean:

Wait a minute!

Maybe it's not such a big secret after all that these guys are the top of their game. Could you be the next Springsteen of Internet Marketing?

You can get a head start by reading today's feature article where I highlight 5 time-tested Persuasion techniques you can use to double, or even triple your online sales.

A quick thanks to all of those that provided your feedback on this newsletter at:

If you haven't had your say about this ezine, then we would really like to hear what you have to say.

Finally, you'll notice the expert interview section is not included this week. I am busy putting together additional interviews and may send them out separately in the coming weeks.

Have a terrific week, and let me hear from you - sometimes I get the feeling writing these newsletters is really just a dream - tell me it isn't so!


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Turning Visitors Into Eager Customers: 5 Powerful Online Persuasion Techniques

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

What else can you do? You've carefully selected or created a product to sell online that is in high demand.

Your website has been painstakenly edited to resemble a work of art.

You've setup your own follow on mail campaign and your marketing campaign is in full gear.

Your plan is to let your automated online marketing system take over while you leave for that much needed trip to the cottage for a week.

One little problem...

Sales are not what you had thought they might be. Instead of convincing 1 in every 50 or 60 visitors to take out their wallets, the disappointing truth is that you are barely seeing 1 in 200 part with their hard-earned money.

Suddenly, panic sets in. You begin to question your ability to earn even a meager living with online marketing.

Many of the great online marketers went through the exact same scenario. How did they escape and go on to make their massive fortunes online?

Simply put, they learned the Secrets of Persuasion and applied them to online marketing.

Take Terry Dean, creator of the best internet marketing related membership site on the net - bar none (, he uses a combination of superior value statement, strong credibility builders (pictures, case studies) , and excellent, results-oriented testimonials.

Another great example is Steve Manning's "How To Write a Book on Anything In 14 Days or Less....Guaranteed! A Guide For Professionals"


A top producing online marketer, Steve persuades his visitors with a combination of intriguing headline, strong guarantee, very compelling testimonials and case studies, and by bringing out his own "inside market" experience.

Here's 5 of the best techniques to persuade more of your visitors to buy your products.

1. Strong benefit statement in headline

You may have heard this tip before, and you will hear it again. Perhaps you have not thought of "Persuading" your visitors with your headline before. Think like your audience - what can you offer them that they badly want or need? How can you help them achieve their goals, or help them get what they want easier, quicker, with less effort and cost? Lastly, make sure your headline is followed by intriguing sub-headings, first paragraphs and benefit statements.

2. Personalize your information

Let them know who you are. Don't tell them your life story, only include brief background or experiences that help you gain more credibility. You can often work this into a few line introduction, a separate "About Us" page, or by including a picture on your webpage.

3. Testimonials

Yes, they really do work. Start by getting two or three solid testimonials from people who have reviewed your product. I've found that a solid group of testimonials will more than double your sales - all other things being equal. Strive for a good balance between experts in your field of interest and your best customer responses. Work hard to help your customers after the sale will often result in the best testimonials.

4. Guarantee Plus...

You need a strong guarantee - that's not new. However, what marketers are testing is "Super" guarantees that offer a full refund PLUS a bonus if they meet certain conditions. There's two benefits using this technique: first, the conditions you lay out require that your customer demonstrate they have given your product a real chance, and second, you will get more sales by taking away even more risk from your buyers.

5. Increase Your Chances

Even the most impressive online experts will tell you they convert less than 5% of first-time visitors to buyers. They, better than anyone, understand the law of averages. Multiple exposures mean multiple chances to persuade your visitors to buy. Create follow up email campaigns including mailings, minicourses, ezines, etc... If you need a great autoresponder - here's the one I;ve been using for almost a year now:

How many of these persuasion techniques have you mastered?

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The price is a little steep. But then again, this is NOT an average product but more like 25 products in one. Trust me, the contributors had to work HARD and had to share secrets they normally charge thousands of dollars to share in seminars and personal consulting.

Overall recommendation is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Have a super weekend, wishing you much success!

As always, if you have any questions or comments, get hold of me here:

Jeff Smith


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