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April 11, 2003

(c)Copyright Jeff Smith 2003

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1. Update from Jeff

2. Feature Article - "How To Easily Discover Niche Markets,                                 Quickly Know What They Want, And                                 Earn Massive Profits Again and Again" - Jeff Smith

3. Sit Down with the Experts -
                               "2-Weeks To Creating Your Own High-Profit
                                Information Products" - John Stafford

4. Usable News - Latest Infoproduct News

5. Wrap Up

Update From Jeff

Hi all, thanks for reading this week

Have you ever had experiences where something someone told you months or years ago suddenly makes sense?

It's like getting hit with a ton of bricks right between the eyes!

Maybe I'm alone in being daft, but this week something master internet marketer Yanik Silver told me almost 10-months ago hit me like a ton of bricks!

His comment when I asked him about challenges to success online...

"You've got to focus on what's important. You can waste allot of time on the less important things and that will impact your business"

Yanik should know, creator of one of the best selling eBooks of all time...

and an incredible roadmap to online success...

It hit me this week that I just didn't seem to be accomplishing as much in the last month as the past.

The sales keep coming - that's the incredible power of setting up an automated online business. But...

Forward motion was slowing.

In short - I was wasting too much time on things that just didn't matter.

My priorities were bass ackwards!

Shifting some priorities means I'm back in the driver seat and plan for an incredibly active spring.

Thought I would pass this advice along to you.

I know you're much sharper than I am, so you can likely apply it much sooner than I did.

Now, let's jump to what you'll find in this issue.

How important are niche markets? How do you find them? What is a niche market? How do you know if a niche market will lap up your product like a starving dog?

Check out today's feature article to find out.

You'll also find the second half of our exciting interview with master list expert John Stafford.

Finally, affiliate sales have TRIPLED for my affiliate partners thanks in large part to our new brandable Special Report you can download for nothing right here...

Make sure you download it, read it and feel free to use it to bring in some solid commissions - I hope to be writing you a check soon.

Have a great week! Let me know if there's anything I can help you with.


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How To Easily Discover Niche Markets, Quickly Know What They Want, And Earn Massive Profits Again and Again.

Copyright 2003 - Jeff Smith

Do you wonder what it takes to develop your own book, manual, special report, course, audio or video program and earn over $50,000 in less than 6-months?

The answer is, to quickly capture hot selling topics from niche markets you already know about.

Wait a minute?

Why would I intentionally limit my market to a smaller group of potential buyers?

Aiming your infoproduct business at niche markets has several advantages...

1. You've located a group of eager buyers before spending any time on your product.

2. You know exactly where to go to research your and test your ideas, concepts, products and marketing.

3. Niche markets provide a lifetime of fresh product ideas - all with very little effort.

4. You can reach your buyers much easier, with less money while getting 10 times the sales and profit from non- targeted audiences.

5. Continue to build your infoproduct empire by adding value with additional products.

The trend toward niche publishing is exploding.

Most new publishers are small, niche focused and highly profitable.

So how do you find and narrow down your search for your niche market.

There are 3 steps: Identifying, understanding and qualifying niche markets.

1. Identifying Niche Markets

A niche market is really quite simple to identify. What you are really looking for is a group of people who...

a) Have similar interests and desires
b) That can be located
c) That can be easily targeted and accessed and...
d) That are willing to spend money on your products

In order to quickly understand and make money from your niche, you want to make sure you identify niches that you already have experience with, some level of understanding or have significant contacts in.

Some examples of niche markets include:

Mega Publishing Star Dan Poynter's book on Hand-Gliding

Willie Crawford's successful Soul Food Cookbook

and Damon Zahariades excellent book on writing Special Reports

2. Understanding Niche Markets

99% of the time buyers make decisions based on emotions rather than need.

They may NEED a new car, but they WANT a BMW!

They may NEED information on self-publishing, but they WANT to see it on video from an expert in the field.

Live a day (or several days) in your market's shoes.

Read what they read. Go where they go. Monitor what they say. Ask what they want, but more important find out WHY?

What have they purchased in the past? What types of messages work - what entices them to take their wallet out again and again.

That's what understanding your niche means. The golden key to earning BIG profits from niche markets is understanding that market at a level you much deeper than you may be willing to learn. You now know the difference between massive wealth building and struggling business

3. Qualifying Niche Markets

OK. So you have identified a target market, you understand their needs, wants, desires and motivation for such desires.

Next question!

Will they buy what you are offering? Will they continue to buy to satisfy their need?

You can qualify by asking the following questions:

1. Do they have the means? Do they have discretionary money to buy your products?

2. Have they bought before? You like to see a pattern of spending on products in your area of focus.

3. What is the emotional driver behind people buying products in your market?

Have you identified a niche market that meets these criteria?

If not, please stop whatever you are doing and spend some time on this.

Identify, Understand and Qualify your niche market and you can turn peanuts into pure gold!

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John Stafford - 2-Weeks To Creating Your Own High-Profit Infopoduct"

Special Interview Excerpt


John Stafford has developed an incredibly successful eBook, branded himself an online expert and is well on his way to building his own online infoproduct empire.

His book is titled " The Money Is In The List" and it can be found at ( )

And here's the BEST PART....

His latest book took him less than 2-weeks to develop!

Last week we included PART 1 of this terrific interview - if you missed it, check it out here...

This week you'll find PART 2.

If you've missed some of our past POWER Interviews with the experts, then you'll want to hear what Joe Vitale, Yanik Silver, Marc Goldman, Damon Zahariades, Willie Crawford and many others are doing to create, and grow their own Infoproduct Empires. Check out our archives right here...

Now, for this week's interview excerpt!

Jeff [Question]

What did you learn from releasing your first information product into the market, a tip that you would pass on to others who are just getting started?

John Stafford [Answer]

I guess the number one thing is, don't be afraid to start. Alot of folks are afraid that creating their product would be too hard or that no one is going to like what they write.

Nothing could be further from the truth, you just have to go for it and keep writing until you finish.

It doesn't have to be totally perfect, you can get input from other marketers to make it better afterward.

The main thing is just to get it done and go from there.

Jeff [Question]

Now that you have your own successful information product, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out - perhaps your TOP 3 tips - if that's not asking too much.

John Stafford [Answer]

Sure no problem :)

* Make sure you take the time to find out if people really want to buy what you're writing before you invest the time and effort in creating your own product.

You can either survey your existing list or if you don't have one yet, post the idea to a discussion forum and get feedback there.

One good tool I found for doing surveys is:

* Take the time to really research and learn the topic you're writing on. When you really know a subject well, not only do ideas come alot easier but it shows through in your writing also.

* When you start looking for testimonials and opinions on your work, pay attention closely for ways you can improve your product. Don't take it personally if you get a critical review, just use it to make your book better.

With a high quality product you'll get less returns and have happier customers.

Jeff [Question]

We hear allot about having back-end products, that the first sale to a customer is often a break even proposition or at least, that there is much more money to be made with successful back-end selling. Can you tell us your experiences, using examples if you can, with back-end selling?

John Stafford [Answer]

I've done really well with back end selling to my customer lists.

You'll see in alot of products, experts tell you to start writing your back end products while you're writing your first one. I personally don't think you should.

Maybe jot some ideas down or even go so far as an outline but any further then that will take your focus away from your writing and like I said above, you don't want to do that ;)

So what you do is, buy up some products with resell rights that compliment your existing product. Make sure these are fairly new and use them as your back end.

I'm a really big fan of Jimmy D. Browns products, if you haven't been over to his site you should really take a look:

Be careful not to overmail your customer list with offers, every two weeks or even a month would be a good rule of thumb.

Jeff [Question]

I want to thank you for taking the time to share your "Inside" tips and strategies with our audience. For giving us so much, I would like to return the favor and let you have the last word on any new projects or products you would like to discuss or let us in on.

John Stafford [Answer]

Your welcome Jeff, its been a real pleasure.

I'm always working on new projects, check out my site below and subscribe to my ezine. I'll empty my head out once per week and give you best tips and tricks I know to help you keep your business in profit. (plus some killer bonuses you won't find anywhere else)

Folks, I can't say anything else but than to highly recommend you visit John's site and learn about the Secrets to List Building...

That's it for now, my name is Jeff Smith from - Until next time, take care and prosper!

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USABLE NEWS From The World of Infoproduct Development

** Something BIG Happening At Google

The rumor mills were flying this last week as analysts wrote about a substantial increase in google's pr and marketing efforts recently.

Seems as though many feel something BIG (such as being bought or massive merger) is in the cards for Google this year.

Of course, it just may be that Google sees new market opportunities and is looking to significantly advance it's business - but then again - that's not as "newsworthy" as the typically analyst's take!

** How You Could Use Customization To Increase Your Business

A Recent study reported by CRMDaily indicates that customers are attracted to offerings that offer customization capability, but that over 80% settle for standard configurations in products.

What was noteworthy is that companies most successfully using customization are offering standard configurations with choices of upsell or bonuses.

So how can you offer this?

Let's say you have an eBook with two bonus reports for $27

How about offering your eBook+2 interviews+2 reports for $37, and eBook+2 interviews+ 2reports + 1 month membership in affiliate program of your choice for $47, etc...

There are many ways to offer your customers more choice and most will end up bringing you more sales and more profit.

**15 Page Special Report Can Build Your List Fast

You may be struggling to get your own eBook out, but could you write 10-15 pages on your topic of interest?

That's basically one chapter in a book.

What can you do with it?

If it's got really unique, useful content, you can sell it on it's own.

You could include some relevant affiliate links into the Special Report and start earning commissions off of readers who purchase products through your report.

You definitely want to capture your reader's email addresses - do this by offering them the opportunity to join your update list for additional free reports, a regular newsletter, a minicourse, or a giveaway product you guide them to.

You can develop Special Reports in a day or two and leverage them for years!

Here's my favorite resource on writing special reports for profit from a great marketer and friend, Damon Zahariades.

To make you're special report viral check out the best branding software I've used so far...


Have a happy and successful week, look forward to bringing you the next issue on April 25th.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, get hold of me here:

Jeff Smith


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Jeff Smith
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