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The Seven Deadly Sins of Not Marketing Your Own Product

To thrive in business you need a product or service to sell.

You have two basic choices, sell your own products or sell
someone else's.

This is not a choice to be made lightly.  All your valuable
time and money spent from this moment on will be wasted if you
have not made the correct choice.  

Here's a little story that illustrates my point.  

5 years ago I met a fascinating businessman who had, at the age
of 28, left a six-figure income at a large corporation to join
"the" hot direct sales company selling water purifiers,
nutritional products, and many other products.

He had built an organization that was incredibly large and had
sales in the high six-figures when things suddenly dried up
on him.  In less than 12-months, he was down to half of where
he was just a few short months before.

The market dried up, many of his distributors left, his product
line became diluted - the bottom dropped out of his business.

Next was a small start-up distributorship where he was given
both a role in the corporation and a cut of the commissions.  Let
me tell you, this guy could market and sell, had a super business
mind and was a great guy to be around.  

A year later, the business upon which he based his future had
gone under - seems the owners of the company had some very bad
business practices.

I recently called up this friend only to find that he had been
with no less than 3 other companies in the last few years -
none of them allowing him to reach his goals.  

This is but one story that demonstrates the pitfalls of relying
on anyone else's products to help achieve your major career or
financial goals.  Selling other people's products definitely
has its place - but it is essential to build a stable base
for your company with your own product first.  

What's the result of not leading with your own product...?

The 7 deadly sins, of course....

1.  You sacrifice product ownership, control, quality and
    distribution for the convenience of having someone else
    worry about it

2.  You let someone else control how you can market their
    product.  Rules are put in place to limit your creativity
    and differentiation.

3.  You place short-term financial interests ahead of longer term
    goals.  You can't rely on your host company, no matter who
    they are, to still be in business in the same form even a
    few months from now. This is in exchange for the ease of
    getting into business fast.

4.  You make the ultimate concession to give control of the
    powerful customer to someone else.  It's the least you
    can do for someone to pay you just to sell their product?

5.  You make the assumption that others have the same drive,
    determination, values, beliefs, goals, knowledge and
    intelligence as you have.

6.  You place your reputation, trust, credibility and future
    ability to do business with your market into the hands of
    someone else.

7.  You fall into the trap of thinking that creating your own
    product is more difficult and more costly than marketing
    and selling someone else's.  That's not always the case.

Don't fall prey to the 7 deadly sins, consider your product.
You can get your own product by:

- creating one (information products are super since they are
  simple to create, are in high demand, have high profit margins,
  little or no cost to distribute and are very low risk)
- purchase rights to someone else's product (this can be a good
  technique, but there are many gotcha's to watch out for)
- partner to create a product.  

Next time you consider what your business will be based on,
balance the temptation to jump-in and earn some quick cash with
the 7-deadly sins.

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