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NOW! Profit From Your Experience

Copyright 2002 - Jeff Smith

How do you get your piece of the profits marketing information products online?

You know that you could change your lifestyle IF you could just find that "Perfect Idea" or "Perfect Topic" that people will buy at almost any price!

The good news is, you don't need the "Perfect Topic", all you need to do is to take something you've already done and discover the hidden profit factor that will position your experience for maximum profits.

So how do you find that elusive hot selling topic for your infoproduct?

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But you want a technique to use RIGHT NOW!

Here's a dead-simple way to translate your experiences into profits.

Step 1: List Your Experiences

Take a few minutes and write down all of important things you have done over the last 2 years. You can go back further, but these will be the freshest in your mind.

Here are some examples:

  • You vacationed with your family in Europe
  • You learned to play the piano or guitar
  • You had to deal with a terminally ill relative
  • You made it through a major health challenge
  • You learned how to use your computer or a new piece of software
  • You found a new relaxation technique that made a huge difference in your life

You get the idea.

I bet you can inventory at least 20-30 of these if you really put your mind to it.

You have your list of at least 20? Great. Now, here's how to suck the profit out of your experiences.

Step 2: What Turns You On!

Place the list in order of how excited you feel about the experience. Which ones would you like to share with your friends, family and peers the most? Which experiences do you find yourself talking about over and over again?

Step 3: The Internet Is Wild About Keywords

Now, beside each experience, create a list of 10 keywords that best describe your experience. For instance, keywords that would apply to your travel experiences are: travel, Europe, vacation, family, bed and breakfast, etc...

Step 4: Here's The Fun Part - What Sells?

Determine the "keyword popularity" for each word by doing the following:

- Search Google for your keyword+ebook or keyword+book to find out what infoproducts exist - Use the Overture Search Term Suggestion Tool:


which will give you various related keywords and their popularity.

- Search Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites to find out what comes up under your keywords

You goal is to discover a set of specific, popular keywords that will help guide you in the direction of what people are demanding TODAY on the internet.

Step 5. Shazam! Instant Infoproduct Ideas

Based on what you have found from steps 1-3, narrow your topics down to 3. You can either jump ahead or do some additional testing through surveys or asking for feedback on discussion groups, etc... This will only take you a few extra days, and could mean the difference of hundreds of orders and thousands of dollars. Probably worth the time, what do you think?

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