Your Knowledge Could Be Earning You A Fortune

Copyright 2002 - Super Profitable Marketing

Are you a frustrated entrepreneur?  You have the desire,
enthusiasm, business skills and passion you will need to be
a huge success, but there is one major obstacle blocking
your way -- what do you sell?  

You are not alone.  The top concern of most budding
entrepreneurs is finding high-profit, easy-to-ship products
they can market for fast profits.  You will be amazed to
know that you can have your own hot selling product in
days by packaging information you already have.   Want
to know how?

Here are three powerful techniques you can use right away
to develop your own hot selling product ideas, whether they
lead to books, reports, newsletters, audios, videos,
workshops, courses or subscription-based web sites.  
Successful entrepreneurs such as Yanik Silver, Marlon
Sanders and Corey Rudl have used these techniques,
now you can use them too.

Success Tip #1:  Package information about your hobby.  
Hobbies are rich sources of hot selling information products.  

·  You have intimate knowledge of your subject matter
·  You have a deep understanding of what other hobbyists
   will want to buy - because you want it too!
·  Passion and interest will make this fun, not work
·  Your personal experiences and hands-on knowledge will
   add credibility and value to your information
·  You know your audience.  This gives you a tremendous
   advantage positioning your products
·  You know how to access your market, because you are
   already there.
·  You are committed to this market, because it´s what
   you love to do

There have been many hot selling information products
developed based on this technique including a book on horses,
an electronic book on gardening, a super successful web
design book and many others.   

Why not profit from your fun?

Success Tip #2:   Develop a product based on your
career knowledge.  Ironically, many entrepreneurs looking
to escape their jobs overlook the fact that they have gained
substantial knowledge, experience and contacts into their
career space.  

It´s not necessarily the market you hate about your jobs,
but rather the limits current employment places upon you.  
Try altering your perception and think as if you are an
expert in your career market. What problems need to be
solved?  What do people really want in that market space?
What types of information did you seek out when you
were employed in this area? Put yourself in the place of
your customers, what would they pay any price for?

Don´t overlook the value of your experience and knowledge,
no matter how much frustration or anger you may have over
your career.  Who knows, perhaps ideas based on your
career market will allow you to one day buy the company
you used to work for.

Success Tip #3:   Create Your Own Brand.   Large
corporations do it. Pepsi, Coke, Ford tough, BMW.  You
know these product manufacturers because they have
deployed branding techniques to set them aside from
their competition.  So why not brand yourself.  

Here are some simple techniques you can use to brand
yourself through information products:

·  Break your information into a series of easily
   understood steps
·  Develop a label for your series of steps - the
   PROGRESS system for productive meetings
·  Label your system using a catchy phrase (Ex.
   Chicken Soup for the Soul Series)
·  Use your own name as label for your solution.  
   Good approach if backed by a service you provide
·  Carry your solution through to multiple information
   products.  Label solution applicable to multiple problems
·  Market your labeled solution everywhere.  This is your

Developing your own brand is an incredibly powerful method
for increasing your credibility, adding value (and profit) to
your products, assuring long-term success as your brand
spreads virally, and gaining the free publicity that is such
an important marketing technique to massively growing
your business.  

Creating your information products is not difficult if you stick
with what you know, and apply proven methods for creating
hot selling ideas. There are many techniques you can use to
develop products that will sell at almost any price, these 3
will get you started right away.  

The following information is an excerpt from Jeff Smith's highly
regarded multimedia package titeld "The Ultimate Information
Entrepreneur´s Success Package" at