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Exposed! Actual Traffic Generation Results Unveiled

Copyright 2002 Super Profitable Products

Need more people clicking on your website? Need more of your visitors buying, not just clicking?

To many people, generating consistent, high-volume, targeted traffic to their website is as much of a mystery as the ancient Egyptian pyramids. You are not alone, we've all gone through the learning process. For most of us, it's painful learning, but here's the good part...

===> It Doesn't Have to Be That Way!

Like most people, you are concerned with both "how much" traffic and "how responsive" is your traffic.

Getting above the magic 1% conversion rate for your web page is the goal, but you can get considerably higher by targeting your traffic.

I continually get asked what the best method or methods are for generating that quality traffic to your website.

My response is always to outline a series of techniques rather than any one magic bullet. The fact is, for any given tool (ezine, discussion group, search engines, partner web sites - only a very small subset (often far less than 5%) are even seeing your message.

Seems depressing doesn't it?

Not really, you simply have to go where your customers are. You need to compound your effort across multiple techniques - significantly improving the chances that internet speed readers will see your message.

To illustrate - here is a summary of exactly where traffic to my site http://www.infoproductcreator.com came from in the successful month of September.

==> Discussion Groups:
One of the most effective ways of targeting quality traffic is to become an active participant to high quality, high traffic, highly relevant discussion groups in you target market. Use compelling subjects, offer experienced advice rather than advice, take a contrary stand, and include a compelling one line benefit in your signature.

==> Ezine Advertising 15%
September was a relatively light month of advertising for me. I ran only two ads in September, one in a small <5,000 subscriber zine, the other as an ad swap in a fairly well known ezine with 35,000 subscribers. Both ads proved profitable, not to mention resulting in close to a hundred new newsletter subscribers.

==> Affiliates
This is the third month operating my own affiliate program where I pay out up to 55% to anyone who refers someone to my website and makes a purchase. Affiliate details are listed here.. http://www.infoproductcreator.com/affiliateinfo.html 15% is quite light, though I can attribute close to 25% of Septembers sales to affiliates. This clearly demonstrates the power of building strong, focused and relevant affiliate teams

==> Search engines
Primarily from Google, Yahoo and MSN - roughly 95% of search engine generated traffic came from Google and Yahoo. Very targeted listings under 5 keyword areas using Pay-Per-Click (Overture.com) and focus on keyword optimization within my main site. Yahoo traffic was obtained from free listing, creating rich content on site and linking to highly relevant, high traffic partner sites.

==> My Own Ezine
I produce a bi-weekly ezine titled Information Product Profit Secrets ( http://www.infoproductcreator.com/ezine1.html) and a 7-part free Ecourse ( http://www.infoproductcreator.com/minicoursenew.html) which both draw in subscribers from directories, ezine ad swaps, and endorsements from joint venture partners as well as the occasional pay per lead program. As your list grows, you can expect to see considerable traffic drawn to your website directly from your own ezine.

==> Testimonials
Not a huge quantity of traffic generated using this technique - but it's completely free and tends to continue over months and even years. If you can get 10-15 quality testimonials for products related to your target market, you will notice traffic resulting which will convert to a few sales each month - for 15-20 minutes of your time. Often you can get a testimonial for giving one, another advantage of this approach.

==> Other:
The remaining 22% of traffic came from a variety of sources including: word of mouth referral, offline marketing, people stumbling upon the site, repeat visitors, etc...

September traffic was moderate, so far October is shaping up to be a HUGE month. Stay tuned, we'll talk about what is working for us in October in a November edition of this newsletter.

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