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Powerful, Profitable Topics For Your eBook - Current Events

You have thought about writing your own eBook for months
now, but you just can't seem to decide on an idea that
will get you started?  

Don't be discouraged, you are not the only one to face
the daunting task of choosing a profitable topic for
your information product.

As information product developers, we are always seeking
opportunity triggers.  Always looking for clues as to
what problems we can solve or desires we can tap into.

Sometimes we try too hard. We spend weeks researching,
discussing, testing and pulling our hair out over that
next blockbuster topic for our products.

As usual, the obvious escapes us as we make things too
complex. Current events satisfy the requirements for
providing a terrific source of high-profit potential
(HPP) ideas. Unless you live in a cave, on the
international space station or work in a university
or the government (sorry couldn't resist!) you can't
help being exposed to hundreds of potential product
ideas each and every day.

Here are some excellent sources of current events that
you can easily spin into your own infoproduct ideas:

1) Daily newspapers and weekly magazines
2) Listen to local radio stations and local cable
3) Tune into special interest groups in specific
   areas related to your interests (ie. business,
   economics, health, education, sports, etc...)
4) Observer the "Water Cooler" discussions - they
   are excellent clues as to what the "hot" topics
   are in people's minds.
5) Monitor online discussion groups for topics that
   bring in information normally outside the narrow
   scope of board content.

Audri Lanford and Rick Beneteu recognized the
increasing emphasis placed on spirituality since the
trafic events of September 11th.  What did they do
about it?

They developed a compilation of authors, speakers,
trainers who discussed the role of spirituality in
business and published "Success - A Spiritual Matter"

These infoproneurs worked hard to bring together a compilation
of interviews that dealt with the issue of ethics and
spirituality in business, so far this project is a
HUGE success.

If you are looking for a new idea, looking at how
to differentiate an existing idea, or simply looking
for how to increase demand for an existing idea - then
try and link your knowledge, skills and interests to
current events. You may just get the concept for your
next blockbuster information product.

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