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How To Increase Your Profits Through Branding

Have you ever noticed that in any given market there are
names you hear over and over again?

They appear on discussion groups, email lists, online
newsletters, web pages, reviews, other people's products,
and in a variety of other publicity venues.

What you really want to know is how do you become a
winning "brand" in your given market.

You may be amazed to know that the secrets of how to reach
"expert" status in your given field are really quite basic.
These powerful tips applied constantly, consistently with
focus will help you get the advantages branding will bring.

TIP 1 Do Something You Are Passionate About.  Passion,
experience and dedication are the 3 key ingredients leading
to "expert" status.  Make sure you are doing what you truly
desire and the branding will come.

TIP 2 Do something you have or can gain experience with
very quickly.  Most people who operate and provide advice
in their markets don't have direct experience.  Get your
hands dirty doing what you love and your experiences will
shine through.

TIP 3 Give back more than you get.  Set time away every
day to help people out on public discussion boards,
teleseminars, web seminars, through free information, e-
courses. Your level of awareness in your market will
heavily depend on the amount of useful, detailed, and
highly relevant information you release.

TIP 4 Stick With It.  Contrary to popular belief, the
benefits of branding in your market will take time. People
look up to others who have stuck with their dreams through
good times and bad.

TIP 5 Values and Ethics. Set the bar high and far fewer
people will make it to the other side.  Giving up short
term opportunities, revenues and prestige in favor of your
longer term reputation will always pay off in the long run.
You will notice that anyy of the "experts" in your market
shun controversy, usually always try to take the hight road
and protect their reputation as if it were their last drop
of water in the desert.

TIP 6 Develop Your Own 30-second commercial and include it
everywhere.  Your 30-second commercial must include the
single most compelling benefit about your product or
service. Include it in every email, business conversation,
discussion forum posting, business card, free article and
any communication you have.

TIP 7 Create your own technology. Make it easy for your
market to remember you.  Create your own solution system.
While you may repeat steps used by others in your market,
differentiate yourself by labelling your specific approach
to your problem space.

Do you have a branding plan? Are you climbing the ladder
to "expert" status?

Every market is looking for leaders, you simply have to
follow the steps to get there.

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