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BEYOND EBOOKS - 10 Powerful Alternative Infoproduct Formats
Part 2 of 2

Copyright 2002 Super Profitable Products

Continuing where we left off in the first part of our goal of differentiating how you deliver your information to get more sales at higher profits.

Here is the last 5 alteratives to eBooks that will put more money in your pockets.

6. Audio Interviews

One of the key disadvantages of eBooks, newsletter, special reports, etc... is that they are non-interactive. Many people learn better by hearing examples, discovering information in an interactive setting. Get someone to interview you about your topic and record it. You can record the interview over the phone, in person or by using a third-party conference service. Once again, you can offer your information via recorded interview for a premium over what you would charge in eBook format.

7. For-pay Newsletter

If you have experience, knowledge, contacts, or any other constant value you can add to a specific target market, then a for-pay newsletter can be an excellent source of income. Many established newsletter publishers - even those with just a few thousand subscribers, are converting to a beefier "for-pay" model. Even if they only convert 500 to subscribers at $47/year, that's $23,500 revenue PLUS the ability to market products to that group AND collect renewals over the years. One example of a top quality, for-pay newsletter is Jonathan Mizel's


8. Pay Members-Only Web Site

An alternative to a "for pay" newsletter is a "for pay" private website. Here you can provide various forms of content and services to your customers in exchange for a monthly, quarterly or yearly membership fee. What would you provide as content? Here are some examples:

Articles you write, results of research you conduct periodically, survey results, news updates from various sources, case studies or success stories, interviews, digital audio files, private newsletter, private discussion board or networking board, quality products at a discount or free, discounted services you provide through joint venture partnerships, etc... One of the best membership sites I have come across on the topic of online marketing is Terry Dean's Netbreakthrough's site found at:


9. Seminars

Your topic may lend itself to conducting bi-weekly or monthly seminars to local audiences. Perhaps you have tips on how to purchase a new home - you could run tareted ads or partner with builders in your area to run a bi-weekly seminar in a rented room. Maybe you were a manager of customer service in the travel industry - you could develop a seminar on top-rated customer support tips for the travel industry and market these to hotel operators, as well as other tourist companies. Online seminars are hot, but don't underestimate the power of personal seminars to both make immediate income as well as gather high-quality leads for other products or services you offer.

10 Product Bundles

Bundle different product formats to add even more value to your offering without increase the cost. For instance, say you have written an eBook on travelling to your favorite city. Translate that into an audio product or audio interview by simply talking into a microphone into your computer or via telephone recorded into your computer and capture that via a relatively inexpensive recording software such as n-tracks (shareware). Where your eBook may only sell at $17-$27, the bundled product may get you $47-$67 or more...with very little added cost. Bundling can be a highly effective technique to squeeze 3-4 times more profit out of your content.

If you are considering developing your own eBook on a specific topic, then consider these other options first. If you already have your own eBook, then consider these other options to pull additional profit from your content.

Turn your information product development business into multiple streams of income. That's truly making a PROFIT from your knowledge.

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